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Dunn Magistrate's Office Closed After Employees Complain Of Sickness

Posted 2006-08-03T22:42:25+00:00 - Updated 2001-03-25T11:00:00+00:00

The Magistrate's Office in Dunn is closed because the building may be making employees sick.

Judge Edward McCormick closed the office after employees complained of flu-like symptoms.

"Three of the magistrates that had been working last week had become ill, and they felt that it was based on the circulation system in the building, so based on that, I suspended operations," he says.

While the office in Dunn is closed, law enforcement and citizens who want to swear out a warrant have to come to the Magistrate's Office in Lillington, which is more than ten miles away.

"It takes about an hour all together round-trip, and that leaves us an hour short one officer, so it is an inconvenience for the police department and the citizens," says Chief Pat Godwin of the Dunn Police Department.

Building inspectors say the 24-year-old facility was renovated a year-and-a-half ago, but the Magistrate's Office was never tied to the new ventilation system. The system is now in place.

"We've recently got a new ventilation system put back in there to see if that will resolve the problem. We're doing what we can to get it rectified as soon as possible," says city manager Carl Dean.

Judge McCormick says he hopes to reopen the office within a couple of days now that the new ventilation system is in place. The magistrate's office in Dunn averages about 750 customers a month.