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One Arrested, Another Sought in Kidnappings, Killings

Posted 2006-08-03T21:49:59+00:00 - Updated 1998-07-20T11:00:00+00:00

A Wake County jail inmate is now accused in a deadly crime spree. Bem Holloway was arrested in May, and charged with kidnapping a woman and her daughter, and sexually abusing the daughter on May 20, in a North Raleigh neighborhood.

Monday, a grand jury indicted Holloway and another man, Curtis Cobbs, for the April 22 kidnapping and death of Peggy Carr in Wilmington. Both are charged with first degree murder in that case. Carr's vehicle was found, but her body never has been. She is presumed dead.

Holloway and Cobbs are also charged with killing a Lumberton convenience store clerk on May 3.

Both men were paroled earlier this year. It is believed that they met while in prison.

Cobbs is still on the run, and authorities believe he may have gone to New York.