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Accused Man's Parents Meet With Attorney To Plan Defense

Posted 2006-08-03T20:58:14+00:00 - Updated 2003-11-10T17:02:00+00:00

The parents of a man accused of plowing into a crowd of people, killing six of them, know their son's life is changed forever.

Larry Veeder's parents have come to Raleigh to try and map out a defense. They met with their son's attorney Sunday.

Attorney Rick Gammon has a challenging case on his plate, defending 32-year old Larry Veeder.

"I can tell you that he's extremely sorry for what has happened," Gammon said of Veeder.

According to the Highway Patrol, Veeder was drunk when he drove down Highway 54 and plowed into a group of people who had stopped to lend assistance at the scene of a car wreck.

"His parents are obviously very upset," Gammon said. "They are concerned about him. But beyond the concern for him, there's just tremendous sympathy for the victims and families."

Gammon is preparing his defense by doing his own investigation of the accident.

"We're trying to reconstruct the accident scene ourselves," Gammon said. "The accident scene that was there prior to Mr. Veeder going through the particular area was somewhat confused. According to what some witnesses have told us, the lighting was not good."

While Gammon works on defending his client, a girlfriend, a niece and other loved ones of those killed try to move on with their lives. Their lives and Veeder's life were changed forever in an instant.

The victims' families and loved ones

held a candlelight vigil

at the scene Saturday.

One of the victims of the wreck is still in the hospital.

Walter Manning is in fair condition at WakeMed. His friend, Coy Woolard, is out of the hospital.

Another victim of that crash was laid to rest this weekend.

Nolan Myers' funeral was held Sunday in his hometown in Minnesota.

Myers' family came to the Triangle to grieve at the crash site last week before returning to Minnesota.