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Fayetteville Woman Attacked By Neighbor's Dogs

Posted 2006-08-03T20:54:25+00:00 - Updated 2002-04-15T13:56:00+00:00

A Fayettteville woman is recovering from her injuries after being bitten by two boxers.

Monika Bredermeyer received 150 stitches in her legs after being attacked by the dogs while she was at the mailbox just a few yards away from her house.

Cumberland County Animal Control officers said the dogs were inside their house before they charged through a front window.

The dogs' owner said that they never attacked anyone before.

"I have children. I never thought the dogs were aggressive like that. I would have gotten rid of them in a heartbeat," Douglas Harris said.

"The only thing we can surmise is this is the dog's first litter of puppies, she may be overly protective of them," said Sgt. Jonny Smith, an animal control officer.

The dogs have been quarantined for rabies observation.

Bredermeyer, who is a dog owner herself, said she has no hard feelings toward her neighbors.