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StepUp Ministry helps connect Triangle job seekers with new employment

Posted January 20, 2016 7:21 p.m. EST

— StepUp Ministry in Raleigh helps people find jobs. Now, the company has launched a new step in the program called ENER-G, a class dedicated to motivating people who may be unemployed, under-employed or having problems finding work. ENER-G stands for Empowerment. Networking. Employment. Resources. Growth.

D'Isaac Jordan, 23, is a student at Wake Technical Community College. He has been finding it difficult to find a job. 

"No employment history...that's the main thing. No experience," he said. 

Jordan played football in college but suffered a severe injury. 

"When I got injured the university was not really trying to pay for my schooling anymore, so I just stopped," he said.

Jordan sought the help of StepUp Ministry. Newly motivated, he's completed a class that gives him the confidence and skills to apply for a job with the Wake County School system.  

"StepUp gave me a chance to get a job interview," he said. 

The program is less focused on building a resume and more about building up people. 

"The biggest thing is that people come in the door and they are incredible...they have amazing gifts, but we all have been in a place where we need to be reminded of that," said job counselor Erin Payne.

But, it's not just the unemployed, but the under-employed who receive help at StepUp Ministry. 

Nicole Maysonet just moved to the Triangle from Florida. 

"I was an attendant at a gas station, and my long term goal is to work in child care," she said.

StepUp Ministry is placing about one person a day in a new job.  They are looking for more employers to participate and hire. 

"It's so fun to see the confidence restored in people, and they are stepping in to new beginnings," Payne said.