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Stay fit on vacation

Missy Currin of Stroller Strides in midtown Raleigh offers some tips to stay fit on vacation. And learn more about fun event Go Ask Mom, Stroller Strides and North Hills is planning next month.

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I just came back from a week with my grandparents in Indiana where I ate like they did. Bread, butter and jam at all meals. Dessert after most.

Let's just say it did a number on my waistline. (And now I'm craving sweets after every meal).

So I wish I took this advice from Missy Currin, a mom of one and owner of Stroller Strides: Midtown Raleigh. She shares some tips on how you can keep exercising when you're on vacation:
  • Walk – Yes you’ve heard it before but it’s true. Walking can be a workout, especially if you’re pushing a stroller or carrying a baby in a front pack carrier. Whenever possible, give yourself extra opportunities to walk to where you’re going, even if it means parking the car in the farthest parking spot from where you’re going or doing your sightseeing on foot.
  • Participate with your kids- Are they kicking a soccer ball, having a catch, running back and forth from your chairs to the waves, or some other physical activity? Get out of your chair and play with them!
  • Cross-train: Rent a bike, a canoe or kayak, or take a hike! Changing up the way you exercise will challenge your muscles and ward away the monotony of the same old routine.
  • Make it a priority- Get out and exercise early before the day gets too hot and humid. When you put your exercise first you can lounge on the beach guilt-free the rest of the day- if your children will let you!
  • Make it a family affair- plan a family bike ride or hike, organize relay races in the pool, or just take the family on a walk to see the sunset over the marsh or mountains after dinner. You’ll be exercising and creating great family memories.
  • The bottom line is that the more you move, the more calories you burn. It’s consistency that counts; not where you do it. Try to be active in whatever you do, wherever you travel, and you’re on vacation- so have a good time doing it!
Thanks Missy! You'll find Missy on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays leading her Stroller Strides classes at North Hills. And I'm excited to announce that Go Ask Mom is working with Missy and the folks over at North Hills to bring you a fun event on Aug. 18 during North Hills' kids programs. I'm informally calling it Go Ask Mom on the Road. Stay tuned for more details!


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