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Statements regarding UNC-Chapel Hill travel audit

Statements regarding UNC-Chapel Hill travel audit

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Matt Kupec's Oct. 23 statement regarding the UNC-Chapel Hill travel audit:
"I am very sorry for my lapse in judgment and I apologize to Chancellor Thorp, the Board of Trustees, the faculty, staff, students, alumni, donors and all members of the Carolina family. I have reimbursed the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill the sum of $16,579.50 for personal charges by me which were found during the University’s audit of my travel and work related expenses. Tami Hansbrough was unaware that the charges had not been reimbursed to the University.

"One of the greatest privileges of my life has been the honor of representing UNC. Over 21 years, we built a great development team and together raised more than four billion dollars to support Carolina. My greatest reward is that our work resulted in providing thousands of opportunities for faculty and students who are the life blood of the University. This positive impact will remain forever."

Tami Hansbrough's Oct. 23 statement regarding the UNC-Chapel Hill travel audit:

"This has been a very trying time for me and my family. As the UNC audit and investigation, as well as the statement by Mr. Kupec’s attorney clearly show, I did nothing wrong in any way while working for the University of North Carolina. I am happy that the truth has finally come out. Every effort I took for the University advanced its reputation and fundraising. My hard work in creating a strong and vibrant parents steering committee at UNC-CH was on the cusp of success when I was forced by the administration to resign before any investigation was conducted into my responsibilities for these allegations. It was as if the truth made no difference. My reputation as a hardworking employee, a committed fundraiser and simply as a person has, as a result, been wrongly and irreparably damaged. My family has loved and honored the University itself and we always will, but I hope there will be an official apology to me and my family by the present administration so that my reputation and future can begin to be repaired and we all can move forward."


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