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State police accuse dealer and player of poker sham

Posted February 10, 2018 11:03 a.m. EST

— Two men are accused of working together to steal tens of thousands of dollars from a Louisiana casino.

The Louisiana State Police Bureau of Investigations Gaming Enforcement Division made the arrests. Troopers say the crime happened last month at Boomtown Casino in Harvey.

According to troopers, one of the suspects was a player in a poker game and the other was the dealer. They say the game had a jackpot of $166,471.

Here's how the sham happened, according to state police: The dealer in the game stacked the deck so his accomplice would receive a hand that would win the jackpot. Then the dealer conducted two false shuffles and dealt the cards. The false shuffles allowed for the player to receive the jackpot winning hand.

Troopers identify the dealer 66-year-old Ashley Soloman of Metairie and the player as 51-year-old Dale Foret of Belle Chasse. They say arrest warrants were issued on February 5. Foret was arrested Friday, February 8 and that Soloman surrendered the prior day.

State police say the jackpot was never paid because of inconsistencies with the game that led casino workers to notify gaming police.

Both men were booked with conspiracy and theft charges.