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State orders Robeson shelter to stop euthanizing animals

Posted January 13, 2011 4:52 p.m. EST

— State regulators have ordered the Robeson County Animal Shelter to stop euthanizing animals after a live puppy was found dumped at a nearby landfill.

The Animal Welfare Section of the state Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services also imposed a $2,000 civil penalty for the shelter's actions.

Lori Baxter, the shelter's manager, told state inspectors last month that the facility's veterinarian gave the puppy a sedative instead of a lethal injection while euthanizing several animals, according to state records. The vet was pressing his hand against the animals to determine whether they were breathing and so didn't accurately determine that the puppy was dead, Baxter said.

Animal advocates have expressed concern for years about the shelter's euthanasia practices.

The shelter has five days to appeal the order.