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State Fair Roundup (Oct. 13)

Notes and thoughts from the opening day of the Fair.

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Trade Two Wii for an XBox?
Now that the new grandstand-midway area is complete, the fairgrounds seem much more cohesive. So when you do see a spot that looks unfilled, it looks really odd. The area behind the Dorton Arena seems emptier. (I keep seeing all the booths in that space during the flea market.) There are a couple of places on the kiddie midway like that too. Oh, for a few more benches and sun shades...

Drat! The Fair people haven't put up yesterday's numbers yet. It seemed busy, not Saturday-crowded but LOTS of people.

There seemed to be slightly less produce in the Expo Center and the tomatoes looked a bit unhappy. Drought Drought Drought.

What What WHAT? There's a skill game on the midway where if you win enough you could get a Wii. If you win TWO Wii, you can trade them in for an XBox 360. HUH? Did someone flood the market with Wiis when I wasn't looking? I don't think too many people lucky enough to win two Wiis are going to take them up on that offer...

Did you see any Fishel faces? Most of the ones I saw were on little kids who were wearing the rubber bands like headbands and the face itself on the backs of their heads. This was disconcerting.

I took over 200 pictures at the Fair yesterday! If you want to see extra pictures from the Fair, be sure to check out my Flickr page at . And hey, if you've got a Flickr account, be sure to add WRALFlickr1 as a contact! Share your Fair photos!

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