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State Fair Attendance Numbers: So Far So Good

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Despite a gloomy weather start to the Fair the numbers look good so far. A quick look at the attendance page ( shows that attendance was 37,932 on Thursday, 60,369 on Friday, and 105,885 on Saturday.

How does that stack up? So far each of the first three days beat last year. Friday and Saturday also beat the ten year and the historical average attendances. (Thursday of course doesn't have an historical average attendance yet as it's only in its second year.) Considering how the weather's been up and down, I suspect that the Fair folks would be a whole lotta happy about these numbers. The numbers to beat this week are Tuesday and Sunday -- both record-setting days last year.

Will Steve Troxler get his million attendance? Still don't think so -- there's just no place or time to put an extra 217,784 people over the 10-year average that the attendance of a million will require. On the other hand, this year highlights some good use of the side of the Fair that borders Trinity Road, near Gates 9 and 10. The Lego experience was up there, the Triangle Tweetup will be up at the Folk Festival tent on Thursday, and the interactive gaming place is up there behind the Folk Festival tent.

Aside from some possible showers Friday and Saturday this week looks like terrific Fair weather. Mr. Troxler might not get a million, but I wouldn't be surprised to see 830,000 or even a new attendance record.

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