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Starbucks employee post details alleged defilement of white people's food

Posted January 10, 2018 12:59 p.m. EST

— A viral post on Facebook allegedly from a Starbucks employee at a Brookhaven location is causing quite a stir on social media and has people wondering if it's all a hoax.

Originally written in a group called "White People versus Black People" alleged author Shanell Rivers claims to be an employee of the Starbucks in Brookhaven and lists six things she's done to white customer's food and drink orders.

They include spitting in a white woman's macchiato and putting pit bull feces in a white child's hot chocolate.

CBS46 talked to an employee off-camera and she says the location received a number of phone calls since the comments were posted on Sunday.

Starbucks is calling the social media post a hoax, saying "Starbucks does not have a partner (employee) by the name Shanell Rivers. We are working with local authorities to determine how these fake posts were created and circulated."

At this point, police aren't calling the post a fake but they're still digging into all of the facts.

CBS46 tried to track down Shanell Rivers and we found at least 13 users with that name on Facebook. None of them matched the profile in the post. We also tried to find her on a public database but there were no Shanell Rivers in metro Atlanta.

We'll keep you posted.