Your smartphone now doubles as a Star Wars lightsaber

Posted December 16, 2015 1:46 p.m. EST
Updated December 16, 2015 3:37 p.m. EST

As if there weren't enough distractions for office workers during the holiday season, along comes Google Chrome with an amazingly immsersive web experience that turns your smartphone into a lightsaber.

Yes, and it's really cool and addictive.

Simply launch the Chrome browser on your desktop machine or laptop (Chrome runs on iOS devices as well as Android), and go to this web address ( Follow the instructions and before you know it, you are wielding your smartphone, uh, lightsaber to escape the First Order.

What's amazing is that all of this happens inside a web browser without the need to download any apps.

Still not sure what all the buzz is about? Preview it in this 15-second video.

Must be a coincidence this came out just days before the release of the latest Star Wars movie, "The Force Awakens."