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Spring Lake Starts Police Needs Study

Posted July 11, 2007 9:31 p.m. EDT

— The mayor said Wednesday that she, the town attorney and the town manager will look into police services in the town, and the manager will look for an expert consultant the town can hire to help.

The announcement from Mayor Ethel T. Clark followed last week’s request from the Cumberland County district attorney for the sheriff’s office to take over investigating all violent crime because the town force is too small to handle it.

Clark said planning had begun for “temporary joint investigation efforts” between town police said sheriff’s investigators. Two of the town’s 20 officers are detectives.

District Attorney Ed Grannis said last week that the town's police force lacks training and manpower and the sheriff's office would take over felony cases by October. He said a murder case involving a child last year prompted his decision, noting the sheriff's office has handled all crimes against children in Spring Lake since April.

Clark said the study would look at "all aspects of enforcement, personnel, equipment, policy and procedures."