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Sports Academy senior organizes wheelchair rugby tournament

Posted December 4, 2017 12:00 p.m. EST

— The Second Annual Wheelchair Rugby Tournament this year went off without a hitch thanks to a senior at the Sport and Medical Science Academy, Lyndsey Broxton, who organized the event.

Since 1991, the Connecticut Jammers have been the only quad wheelchair rugby team in the state. Each year, the athletes compete with other quad wheelchair rugby teams in the northeast.

"I can get some aggression out in a positive way, very positive way to get some aggression out," said athlete Michael Stokes.

Broxton told Eyewitness Sports reporter, Caroline Powers, that when the opportunity to host the 2017 quad wheelchair tournament arose, she said she could not let it pass, despite already having selected a senior capstone project.

"They were worried about someone picking up this year so my capstone coordinator trusted me with taking up two events this year," said Broxton.

For three months, Broxton coordinated with the Sports Association at Gaylord Hospital to make the tournament possible.

"We've gone over all the planning, all the logistics, all the setup, all those details that it takes to run an event, and she's really new to this," said Gaylord Hospital coordinator, Katie Joly.

"She hasn't seen wheelchair rugby so today is the opportunity where it all comes together."

The wheelchair rugby athletes said they are thankful for the hard work that Broxton has put in.

"People will look back and say, 'Oh my God, she did that in high school? She put that together? It's amazing a high school student did this. Give her a lot of credit!'" said Stokes.

The tournament ran Saturday and Sunday at the Sport and Medical Science Academy.