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Speier: 'I absolutely do' think Trump made up the tapes

Posted June 20, 2017 8:39 p.m. EDT

Throngs of journalists and political pundits are hanging on Trump press secretary Sean Spicer's every word, hoping he'll confirm or deny the existence of tapes of conversations between President Donald Trump and fired FBI Director James Comey.

Rep. Jackie Speier, however, has already settled on her own conclusion.

"Do you think he made the whole thing up when he raised the whole idea of tapes?" Erin Burnett asked her on Tuesday evening.

"I absolutely do," was Speier's hesitation-free response.

The comments from the California Democrat come just days ahead of a deadline set by the House intelligence committee that pushes Trump to address the issue of tapes by week's end. Speier is a member of the committee.

"I think they're clearly signaling they will have the answer by Friday," she told the "OutFront" host, adding that vague innuendos and the sidestepping of inquiries "is very typical of the President."

Referencing the tax returns that Trump is still yet to reveal, Speier pointed to what she feels is an overall inability to be transparent.

"I find his lack of trustworthiness really problematic," she said.

In comparing the United States' two most recent leaders, Speier cited a pair of polar opposites.

"We went from no drama Obama to drama every 10 seconds in this administration."