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Some parents illegally selling recalled baby sleepers

Posted January 16, 2020 6:15 p.m. EST
Updated January 16, 2020 6:25 p.m. EST

The Consumer Product Safety Commission recently issued an urgent recall of inclined infant sleepers, but it appears many people either still don’t know about it, or just don’t realize the level of danger.

Dozens of infants have died in the sleepers after suffocating, yet parents are still using them.

5 On Your Side found plenty of people reselling them online.

We reached out to several, reminding them of the recall.

Some took down the posts.

But one responded, "Thank you for your concern but it’s lack of common sense as to why infants have suffocated."

Not long after that, the same recalled sleeper was marked SOLD, which is illegal! The Consumer Product Safety Commission warns you cannot resell or even give away products you know are recalled.

If someone is hurt by a recalled product you sold, you can be held liable.

Some people who are aware of the sleeper concern, now wonder about the safety of infant car seats, since they are also at an incline.

Consumer Reports says parents can breathe easy.

“Yes, you can let your baby sleep for short stretches in a car seat, as long as it's used properly," says Rachel Rabkin Peachman, Consumer Reports investigative journalist. She adds, “While the risks of sleeping on an incline are real and serious, they are vastly outweighed by the protection that a properly installed car seat provides during a crash.”

Consumer Reports says the angle of rear-facing car seats, including the kind for infants, has been extensively tested, and is necessary to protect a child’s head and spine in a collision.

“Infant car seats have a five-point harness system, which are designed and tested, not only to protect your baby in the event of a crash, but also to lower the risk of your baby slumping down, and their head falling chin to chest and blocking
airflow,” says Rabkin Peachman.

Just make sure the seat is installed properly!

And know, they're only meant to be used when you're with your baby and able to watch them. Car seats are not for extended or overnight sleep. If you're on a long trip, regularly check on your baby to make sure everything is ok.

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