Some on NCCU campus unfazed when coronavirus suspends classes

Posted March 16, 2020 10:24 a.m. EDT
Updated March 16, 2020 4:00 p.m. EDT

The cafeteria is empty when during a typical spring break, it  would still be open.

— The coronavirus scare has impacted thousands of residents in North Carolina, including university students.

Although University of North Carolina officials announced that all of the campuses in the system would switch to online classes and independent study to limit the spread of the virus, North Carolina Central University students still on the Durham campus during spring break still have some accommodations.

The university will remain open, though the operations may be modified or schedules adjusted. North Carolina Central University also extended spring break by one week. Students are able to move in on Sunday, March 22 with classes to resume on Monday, March 23. .

Students who are already on campus must remain in campus housing and have access to many facilities and services including dining and recreation.

Some students said they weren't affected by the announcement at all.

NCCU students respond to the Coronavirus scare

"Honestly, I've just been staying in my room, keeping to myself. If anything, I get why it's happening, and I'm OK with it," said Julii Berry.

Some students were happy to be able to go home to spend time with family.

NCCU students respond to the Coronavirus scare

Florida native and NCCU basketball player Joshua Dawkins said, "I get to home and see my family," and that he purchased a plane ticket for $35.

His teammate, Chris Daniel, was unhappy that they canceled the MEAC Tournament. "Unfortunately, we won't ever be able to finish the season like we wanted to, and now we have to go home," said Daniel.

Others were upset because they we're not sure what could happen next.

NCCU sophomore Nala Sallie expressed her frustration with the scare. "I'm from New Jersey, so now I have to get a last-minute flight, and I have to anticipate on receiving an email on what the next steps are as far as classes and finishing out the semester," said Sallie.

NCCU students respond to the Coronavirus scare

Although emotions are high during this complicated time, students are still taking the proper precautions to avoid the coronavirus.

Iyanii McKinney, an NCCU junior, said that, even though all of these circumstances are unfortunate, "I'm just more cautious of my surroundings and trying to keep everything sanitary. I can go home and see my mom, but I just won't go out as much as I used to," said McKinney.

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