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Soldier surprises daughter at school Thursday

Posted December 22, 2017 11:57 a.m. EST

— There was a holiday concert in full swing at John B. Stanton Elementary School on Thursday, and sitting in the front row was little Camryn Almond.

Little did she know, her dad would be surprising her after being away for nine weeks.

Specialist Cleyce Almond has been away training at boot camp in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.

"I love waking up to my daughters and my wife so it's amazing," Cleyce Almond said.

The principal of the school is an Army veteran and says she knows what this means for Camryn and her family.

"When I came back for the Gulf War I did it for both booth camp and the war and it's really pretty good experience and the feeling to come back to your loved ones after being gone for so long," said Principal Susan Lessard.

After the emotional filled reunion with Camryn, Specialist Almond says his next stop was to go and surprise his 2-year-old daughter Cali.

To top it all off, the soldier was also meeting his newest daughter for the first time. Cherish was just born nine days ago.