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Soldier and his family find new home ransacked

Posted January 2, 2011 9:24 p.m. EST
Updated January 5, 2011 6:32 p.m. EST

— Army Sgt. Jason Kenney's wife and three children are used to life's little disruptions. They learned to cope when a soldier's duty sent Kenney away on three tours of duty in Afghanistan. 

When they welcomed him home after a year overseas on Nov. 22, they were looking forward to settling into a new home in Hoke County. But Kenney and his family could never have anticipated what the New Year would bring.

"The oldest, my daughter, she knows what's going on. Last night, she asked me about the bad man and is he going to come back," Kenney said.

The Kenneys came home from several weeks in New Hampshire visiting family to find someone had kicked in the back door of the Raeford house they had yet to unpack. Their washer, dryer, television and other items were gone. 

Their gate had been swung wide open. Kenney said he thinks that's where the robber or robbers backed up a truck to load the loot.

"It's not how you want to start off the New Year," he said.

Although thousands of dollars' worth of furnishings were stolen, Kenney is still just focusing on moving his family into the home and making the best of what happened.

"You can deal with stuff being stolen. You can replace stuff like that. But when your daughter's afraid and the kids and the wife, you don't want that everyday," he said.

Hoke County sheriff's investigators said they found fingerprints at the scene, but they are not releasing any information about possible suspects.

Kenney is stationed at Fort Bragg.