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Local News

Police searching for 2 men after disappearance of Fayetteville man
Durham police investigate assault attempt at apartment near Duke
After armed robbery, Harris Teeter in north Durham ends 24-hour schedule
Man found guilty of first-degree murder in 2015 death of Chapel Hill toddler
Many say Raleigh man's beating, arrest could have been handled better
New Rowan Street bridge days away from being replaced in Fayetteville
Fallen Southern Pines soldier honored with newborn photo shoot with fellow soldiers
Apex couple opts to have conjoined twins cremated in Virginia because of NC law
Woman killed in skydiving incident south of Charlotte


UNC-CH votes to revoke Bill Cosby's honorary degree
Zinedine Zidane anuncia que renuncia como entrenador del Real Madrid
A beautiful fence for the border? Not so fast
Paolo Guerrero sí irá al Mundial de Rusia 2018
Nicaragua: La Conferencia Episcopal no reanudará el diálogo
Outside the Box : Opinion Roundup: Judicial remapping, curbing the opioid epidemic, infant screening panels and more
Los memes de la renuncia de Zinedine Zidane al Real Madrid
Trump impondrá nuevos aranceles para Canadá, México y la Unión Europea
Condenan a yihadista que pidió ataque contra el príncipe Jorge
Assad pide a Estados Unidos que abandone Siria
Un maquillador ayudó al periodista ruso "asesinado", Arkady Babchenko, a fingir su propia muerte
¡Paolo va al Mundial! Los mejores memes tras la noticia
"México, el 'otro' equipo de Norteamérica": Sports Illustrated también apoya a la selección para Rusia 2018
Así expresaba Anthony Bourdain su aprecio por México
Así es el proyecto mexicano SAINT-EX para buscar exoplanetas en otras galaxias
México abre investigación por decenas de desapariciones forzadas denunciadas por la ONU
Uneasiness along Atlanta's newest gentrification front
La mitad de los niños del mundo están en riesgo de guerra, pobreza y discriminación, dice un reporte
Cottarelli renuncia como primer ministro de Italia tras el acuerdo de gobierno entre Cinco Estrellas y La Liga
Estados Unidos evalúa a Kim Jong Un ante una posible cumbre nuclear
Gobierno de Colombia convoca a Comisión Nacional De Garantias Electorales por denuncias de fraude electoral
Gobierno de Colombia convoca a Comisión Nacional de Garantías Electorales por denuncias de fraude electoral
The Plot Against Health Care
Why Roseanne matters
Clasificación de la selección peruana a Rusia 2018 genera un boom de libros en Perú
Donald Trump Presents: ‘Celebrity Impunity’
One Reform to Save America
¿Cuál es el debate por el voto en blanco en Colombia para la segunda vuelta presidencial?
Editorials of The Times
Paolo Guerrero al Mundial: la cronología del caso que mantuvo en vilo hasta a los rivales de Perú en Rusia 2018
Trump desata una guerra de aranceles


Muggy, hot weekend finishes out stretch of rain

State News

@NCCapitol : Today@NCCapitol: Everything has been said, but not everyone has said it
@NCCapitol : Industry gets requested changes on GenX bill
@NCCapitol : Acrimonious budget debate roils House
@NCCapitol : Democrats call for ERA, pregnant prisoner shackling protections, sex harassment reform
Perfect setting, perfect day for mother of 2 teens
@NCCapitol : Thursday Wrap: Happy Festivus

National News

5 people have died this week since Alberto made landfall
Accused OPWDD official is fired
Lottery Wins on Christmas Were a Glitch, So South Carolina Won’t Pay
New sheriff's program aims to send inmates from jail to jobs
Southwest Airlines comes under fire after an agent asks a mom to 'prove' biracial child is hers
Judge grants extension for accused Seminole Heights killer's competency hearing
9-year-old NJ boy has best handwriting in the country
Increased water releases from Lake Lanier to make Chattahoochee River treacherous, officials say
Mother arrested after infant found dead in dryer
It's been 4 weeks since the first volcanic eruption in Hawaii and the lava is still flowing
Never Mind the News Media: Politicians Test Direct-to-Voter Messaging
Photo of police cruiser parked in handicap spot goes viral
Harbor seal born at the Milwaukee County Zoo
Mom inadvertently smothered baby
Bear spotted roaming around California neighborhood
Boise football team saves lives of pair after crash
Mom, Grandmother Charged After 2-Year-Old Boy Found in the Street Twice
Police testing recording device put in handguns
'Black lives don't matter,' lawyer says after jury awards $4 in police killing
Music Students Surprise Sick Teacher with 'Top Gun' Performance
Local teens call for discussion to end gun violence with 'promposal'
Police video shows beating of Raleigh man
Only one more state needs to pass the Equal Rights Amendment to finally get it ratified. Here are the 13 that haven't
Lottery Wins on Christmas Were a Glitch, So South Carolina Won’t Pay
In Colorado, Fracking Is Back, and So Are the Battle Lines
Allegiant Airlines pilot had a seizure during a flight from Cincinnati to Punta Gorda, Florida, on Thursday morning, forcing the plane to be diverted, officials said. Flight 1304 landed safely in Gainesville, Florida, and the pilot was transported to
Pilot suffers seizure on Cincinnati-to-Florida flight
Ex-boyfriend charged with murder in deaths of mother, son
Best friends find WWI-era bomb
Oregon City woman helps kids bloom with confidence with boutique of free new clothes
Woman's airport 'angel' turns out to be Arizona Cardinals' tight end
Border agents find man hidden in shipment of wood shavings
Missoula County approves landmark fire protection plan
Stalemate in Ohio House drags on, bills pile up
Summer roads in Montana can be deadly for teens
Hamilton woman distraught after church worker kills cat
Roaring Protests of Commencements Past Make Way for a More Subdued Stand
Florida dad on a mission to teach kids with autism to swim
Teen was going 102 mph before he hit, killed mother and toddler
Florida dad on a mission to teach kids with autism to swimwith autism to swim
Teachers Find Public Support as Campaign for Higher Pay Goes to Voters
Transit likely key in Amazon's hunt for HQ2
Carbon monoxide suspected cause of couple's boating death on Lake Lanier
Deputy helps deliver baby
Will voters bench the judge who gave a 6-month sentence in the Stanford sexual assault case?
Dallas man exonerated after 15 years in prison
How Liberals Got Lost on the Story of Missing Children at the Border
Governor Hickenlooper to sign massive transportation bill Thursday
Weak oversight of medical devices jeopardizes patient safety
Ella Brennan, famed New Orleans restaurateur, dies
Illinois Has Ratified the Equal Rights Amendment. Wait, What?
Community Comes Together On Social Media, Raises Money To Replace Stolen Bike For Boy With Autism
Google's Feral Cats Threaten Burrowing Owl Population Near Campus
Manhattan Doctor Sues Patient For $1 Million For Posting Negative Reviews Online
Video Of Officer Boxing With Texas Teen Goes Viral
Couple Finds Silver Lining After Torrential Flooding Ruins Wedding
'Hunting over bait' proposal draws opposition of former Georgia officials
Turning a Deaf Ear to Chattering Group Texts
Thanksgiving Got Shorter After the 2016 Election, Study Says. You Can Guess Why.
Sergeant Sues Defense Dept. Over ‘Outdated’ HIV Policies
Ted Dabney, a Founder of Atari and a Creator of 'Pong,' Dies at 81
Lottery Wins on Christmas Were a Glitch, So South Carolina Won’t Pay
Peacocks go missing from Philadelphia Zoo; 1 found dead
Never Mind the News Media: Politicians Test Direct-to-Voter Messaging
24 Oil Wells in a School’s Backyard. How Close Is Too Close?
After Massachusetts man is accused of kidnapping, three bodies are found at his home
Car-Share Companies Get Coveted Parking in New York City
Sign Washed Away in Hurricane Sandy Lands on Beach in France
A soldier died before meeting his baby, so his Army family welcomed her with open arms
Protesters Block Google Buses in San Francisco, Citing ‘Techsploitation’
EPA Takes a Major Step to Roll Back Clean Car Rules
Gavin Newsom, John Cox top new California governor's poll: Villaraigosa in trouble
All About Dinesh D’Souza, Who Is Set for a Trump Pardon
Ted Dabney, a Founder of Atari and a Creator of 'Pong,' Dies at 81
Protesters Block Google Buses in San Francisco, Citing ‘Techsploitation’
SF hospital officials admit security gaps after woman found dead in stairwell
NJ police officer charged after alleged assault of hospital patient
For Final Few Officers, the Era of the Revolver Is at an End
Romana Raffetto, Pasta Matriarch in New York, Dies at 85
Puerto Rico's governor says there will be 'hell to pay' if officials withheld mortality data
New Jersey Officer Faces Force Charge
DeVos, Tired of a Stalled Congress, Clearing the Path to Reform
In the Battle Between Cuomo and Nixon, the Subway Becomes a Central Issue
U.S. Oversight of City Housing Is Seen in Deal
Gridlock in State Senate as Neither Party Can Muster a Majority
Report Details Kennedy Airport’s Storm Plan
Texas teen wins National Spelling Bee
Disability and Civil Rights Groups Sue DeVos Over Investigation Rollbacks
Lawsuit Says Citizenship Question on Census Targets Minorities for Political Gain
National News at a Glance
Cuomo Finally Says the Obvious: He Backs the Transit Rescue Plan
Mangano Corruption Trial Ends in Mistrial on Long Island
A Look at Dinesh D’Souza, Pardoned by Trump
Alabama will allow trained school administrators to be armed
Trump Wields Pardon Pen to Bully the System
Archdiocese in Minnesota Plans to Settle With Abuse Victims for $210 Million

World News

What not to do if you're valet parking a Porsche
Crosses Go Up in Public Offices. It’s Culture, Bavaria Says, Not Religion.
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks out against protectionism
Germaine Greer calls for punishment for rape to be reduced
Russian foreign minister meets Kim Jong Un, calls for lifting of sanctions
Mattis takes hard line on China in Singapore speech
Assad tells US to leave Syria
Arkady Babchenko says he faked his own death with pigs' blood and a makeup artist
CONIFA: The alternative World Cup tournament for stateless people and unrecognized nations
Protests on Nicaragua's Mother's Day turn deadly
Denmark's Parliament bans wearing of face veils in public
Lithuania and Romania Complicit in CIA Renditions, European Court Says
Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy likely to fall in no-confidence vote
From calling rape 'bad sex' to Roseanne's vitriol, this was a jaw-dropping week
#NotTooYoungToRun: Nigeria lowers minimum age for election candidates
Spain Is Next to Test Europe’s Stability as Rajoy Faces No-Confidence Vote
Crosses go up in public buildings across Bavaria as new law takes effect
Former Gambian leader sued over fraudulent AIDS cure
The ‘Lone Mujahid’ Who Threatened Prince George Pleads Guilty
Italy to be led by populist, euroskeptic government
Uganda government sued over social media tax
Amazon Rankles Australian Customers by Pushing Them to a Local Site
Germaine Greer Stirs Furor With Call for Lighter Rape Penalty
Crosses Go Up in Public Offices. It’s Culture, Bavaria Says, Not Religion.
Rajoy Government Veers Toward Collapse in Spain
U.N. Reaches Initial Deal on Rohingya
Lithuania and Romania Complicit in CIA Prisons, European Court Says
A Star of Islamic Fashion Falls
In South Sudan, a Never-Ending Hunger Season Puts Millions in Danger
A Mother’s Day Protest in Nicaragua Ends With at Least 15 Dead
Amid Progress Toward Meeting With Trump, Kim Is Invited to Visit Putin
Pope sends abuse investigators back to Chile, 'ashamed' church didn't listen
UN reaches deal with Myanmar to repatriate Rohingya refugees
Populists Antagonistic to Europe Get Nod to Take the Reins in Italy
World News at a Glance
U.S. Gives Its Ties With Taiwan a $250 Million Upgrade
Rajoy Government Veers Toward Collapse in Spain
Attacks in Canada and Belgium Reflect Fuzzy Definition of Terrorism

5 On Your Side

WRAL SmartShopper : Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor only $21.16
WRAL SmartShopper : Swag Code until 5 pm for 3 SB points
No cords, no hassle: How to buy the best wireless headphones
WRAL SmartShopper : Share your deals & questions 5/31
WRAL SmartShopper : What's for dinner Thursday?
WRAL SmartShopper : Baskin-Robbins ice cream scoops $1.50 TODAY
WRAL SmartShopper : Boston Market: BOGO lunch through June 1
WRAL SmartShopper : Reminder: Food Lion May Shop & Earn offers end today
WRAL SmartShopper : I'm back from Europe!


Big businesses tell UK they need Brexit clarity now
This startup wants to turn your car into a vending machine
Sears is closing 63 more stores
GM and Softbank are putting $3 billion into self-driving cars
Chelsea halts UK stadium project due to 'investment climate'
India's economic growth jumps to 7.7%
Trump turns to victimhood politics after ABC fires Roseanne
Consumers are spending a lot more and saving a lot less
MSNBC host Joy Reid takes more heat for newly unearthed blog posts
Roseanne exits stage right, all atwitter
Trump is starting a global trade war
Dow drops 250 points on Trump's tariffs
India tried to sell its national airline. It got zero bids
Uber and Airbnb could go public next year
It's true: Teens are ditching Facebook
Fed calls Deutsche Bank's American business 'troubled' - report
Waymo to Buy Up to 62,000 Chrysler Minivans for Ride-Hailing Service
Sergio Marchionne, the man who saved Chrysler, unveils the plan for when he's gone
Facebook execs grilled by investors after data scandal
The Economy Can Handle Steel and Aluminum Tariffs. The Real Risk Is Erratic Policy.
Samantha Bee apologizes for vulgar remark about Ivanka Trump: 'I crossed a line'
Unemployment rate matches lowest point in half a century
In a First for Germany, Hamburg Bans Diesel Engines. On 2 Roads.
'I Don't Feel Superhuman. I Feel Like a Mom Who Has a Career.'
'Succession' puts fictional spin on Murdoch-like media dynasties
Facebook commits to seeking more minority directors
Sears lists 63 stores slated for closure
Angelo Mozilo and his doomed mortgage machine
Trump trade policies threaten 2.6 million US jobs, Chamber of Commerce says
Here’s Why British Firms Say Their Boards Lack Women. Prepare to Cringe.
Student loan debt just hit $1.5 trillion. Women hold most of it
Samantha Bee Apologizes for Slur Against Ivanka Trump
For Electric Cars Without a Plug, Thank Tesla (the Scientist)
Vermont will pay people $10,000 to move there and work remotely
Goldman Sachs Banker Charged With Fraud in Insider Trading Case
Telegram App Says Apple Is Blocking Updates Over Dispute With Russia
Trump's tariffs could eat into tax cuts for Americans
If Raleigh wins Amazon HQ2, look for skyline to change
White House to Impose Tariffs on Steel and Aluminum From Key U.S. Allies, Risking Retaliation
Two companies suspend ads from Samantha Bee's show after vulgar remark about Ivanka Trump
In the World of Cryptocurrency, Even Good Projects Can Go Bad
Worried About Big Tech? Chinese Giants Make America’s Look Tame
China Cuts Tariffs Before U.S. Commerce Secretary’s Visit to Beijing
Waymo to Buy Up to 62,000 Chrysler Minivans for Ride-Hailing Service
The Economy Can Take Tariffs. The Risk Is Erratic Policy.
U.S. to Set Tariffs on Its Key Allies, Risking Reprisal
Softbank Fund Pumps Money Into GM’s Driverless Unit
Business News at a Glance
Samantha Bee Apologizes for Slur Against Ivanka Trump
Mylan CEO: You can't build a company in a quarter


Aging Well : For the Birds
Go Ask Mom : Here are the dates for the 2018 Holiday Express at Pullen Park, plus when those tickets go on sale
Thailand's famous bay made popular by 'The Beach' closes to tourists
Nicosia International Airport: The Cypriot airport abandoned for 44 years
Go Ask Mom : Starting this week! Marbles to stay open late every Thursday and Friday this summer
Experts: New screening guidelines for colorectal cancer could save lives
Go Ask Mom : Take the Kids: Read - French bookstore, shop to host storytimes
Go Ask Mom : Recipe: Honey mustard chicken


On ‘Succession,’ a Media Mogul Gets the Conniving Family He Deserves
Dad Left a Big Impression: The Renoir Family Inheritance
What's on Tap : Weekend best bets: Farm to Fork, Tour D' Coop
What's on Tap : New movies this week: Action Point, Adrift
Brigitte Nielsen announces pregnancy at 54
What's on Tap : Visit chickens and bees at Tour D'Coop
Drake explains blackface photo from Pusha-T single
What's on Tap : World of Bluegrass to remain in Raleigh through 2021
Tom Cruise teases 'Top Gun' sequel
What's on Tap : Sirius XM host brings stand-up show to Raleigh
Maroon 5's 'Girls Like You' video is a tribute to inspiring women
Drake Addresses Blackface Photo Amid Pusha-T Feud
A Memorial to the Lingering Horror of Lynching
Embattled Head of Grammys to Step Down in 2019
Sutton Foster Embraces a Changing World
Review: In ‘Breath,’ Tasty Waves and Gnomic Truths
Clearing the Stage for a Big Graduation Number at City Ballet
Mom-Coms Latch On to the Raw Reality of New Motherhood
One Play, 2 Coasts and Divine Inspiration
Freaked Out Yet? That’s His Goal
So Long Lightsabers (Perhaps): Kasdan Has Tried to Leave ‘Star Wars’ Before
Utopias Forged of Rainbows and Visions
New York City Ballet Is in Limbo, but in Bloom
Parkland Drama Teacher Will Receive Tonys’ Education Award
Introducing the Unknown Faces of Science
In the Company of 'Angels'
Gaysploitation Upends the Stereotypes That Make Us Wince
‘Adrift’: Ordeal and Bliss on the Open Water
The Must-Sees of Summer
Live Opera, Staged Among the Dead
A Prolific Actress Proves She’s Not Clueless
He Knows Just What You’re Thinking
A Photographer’s Turn in the Spotlight
A Novelist and a Voice for American Indians
So You Think It’s Been Good for Dance?
Three Artists, Three Arcs, One Gallery

Political News

A Racist Post, A TV Apology, A Trump Gripe
Mitt Romney says he voted for his wife in 2016
Trump, again, denies firing Comey over Russia despite saying exactly that at the time
White House says Samantha Bee's attack on Ivanka Trump was 'vile and vicious'
Trump pardons Dinesh D'Souza -- and hints at more celebrity pardons
Pompeo says he doesn't know if Kim-Trump summit will happen
President Trump keeps pardoning his political friends
NYT highlights Pruitt's cozy relationship with a coal baron
First on CNN: US Secret Service overpaid presidential campaigns $4 million for plane travel
Here's the real reason behind Donald Trump's pardon spree
Kasich calls on Trump to condemn Roseanne's tweets
Republicans in key midterm races caution against Trump's new tariffs
Giuliani dismisses Trey Gowdy's defense of the FBI: 'He's drinking the Kool-Aid'
Trump floats Martha Stewart pardon, Rod Blagojevich commutation
Boehner: 'There is no Republican Party,' only a 'Trump Party'
Donald Trump's Russia claim contradicts, um, Donald Trump's Russia claim
Atlanta police program bringing more cops home
Rod Blagojevich and Martha Stewart have a weird amount in common
House panel looking into ethics probe involving Arizona congressman
Federal school safety commission's first field visit focuses on school climate
Who is Rod Blagojevich and what was he convicted of?
This 1990 Donald Trump quote in Playboy magazine explains today perfectly
Russia investigation cost nears $17 million since last May
Rod Blagojevich's wife appeals to President Trump to help her husband
Congressional Republicans lining up against Trump on trade
US warns of ability to take down Chinese artificial islands
Jake Tapper: The connections between Trump and those he's pardoned
Bannon: Rosenstein should be ordered to turn over documents on FBI source
Trump takes a backseat as candidates focus on local issues in California primary
House farm bill seeks to restrict food stamp benefits while allowing subsidies for billionaires
Trump says he wasn't warned in 2016 about Russia threats. He was.
Tom Cruise sparks 'Top Gun' feud between US Air Force, Navy
EPA emails could contradict Pruitt testimony on apartment hunt
Did Trump Fire Comey Over the Russia Inquiry or Not?
REMINDER: Donald Trump watches a lot of TV
Trump pressured Sessions on multiple occasions to overturn recusal
Audiotapes of Michael Cohen threatening journalist released
How Far Can Trump Go in Issuing Pardons?
Trump has many motivations -- but power rules them all
California's 'top-two' primary could be a disaster for Democrats. It could be for Republicans as well.
2020 Insight: Bernie on the ballot in Iowa
Martha Stewart and Rod Blagojevich aren't the only 'Apprentice' candidates Trump could pardon
Did Trump Fire Comey Over the Russia Inquiry or Not?
Exclusive: How a 'nobody' ex-con pushed Avenatti law firm into bankruptcy

Health Team

Half of world's children at risk of war, poverty, discrimination, report finds
Transgender woman in migrant caravan dies in ICE custody
Same cancer, worse results and twice the cost in the US
A 'wake-up call' about what's killing America's young people
UNC Health CEO, dean of medical school to step down
Millions of kids on ADHD meds decide their treatment as adults
Former NFL lineman becomes opera's leading man
Texas 17-year-old gets deadly illness after working out too much