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Local News

Defense: Raleigh homeowner faced 'chaos' when he shot, killed man in front yard
Fire at substation knocks out power to some in Cumberland, Sampson counties
17 new flu deaths reported in NC; total climbs to 165
'This is a bad idea:' Food banks criticize plan to replace food stamps with delivery system
NC lawmakers take to social media in wake of Florida mass school shooting
Authorities: Man used phony insurance documents to steal $40K from Harnett County schools
Police searching for man who robbed Raleigh banks
Drugs, stolen identities, porn for sale on 'seamy side of internet'
Following tragedy in Fla., school security top of mind in Wake, Cumberland counties
State to seek death penalty for man accused in death of Mariah Woods
Durham woman found safe, sheriff's office says
How do gun laws in NC compare to those in Florida?
Morrisville police chief: If you know something, speak up
3 Henderson officers on leave after fatal shooting
Triangle teens saddened, horrified by Florida school shooting massacre


Trump firmará una ley sobre abuso sexual, mientras un escándalo envuelve a la Casa Blanca
Después del tiroteo en la Florida, los celulares sonaban sin parar junto a las víctimas
Outside the Box : Opinion Roundup: Class size confusion, humiliated Republicans, chastised Democratic consultant and more
'Un hijo de Dios ha muerto': exagente del FBI rompe en llanto al aire hablando del tiroteo en la Florida
Reportan posibles disparos en escuela North Broward de la Florida
Santos a su sucesor: Volver atrás a las épocas de violencia no puede ser el camino
La alarma de incendios sonó, empezó la masacre de la Florida y los estudiantes corrieron por sus vidas
El FBI fue advertido sobre el presunto atacante hace 5 meses, dice un bloguero
La historia de la maestra que escondió a 19 estudiantes en un armario durante la masacre de Florida
Editorial: Thoughts and prayers won't stop these mass shootings
Presidencia de Colombia desmiente a Maduro: Santos no lo invitó a una reunión
Los perturbadores detalles del sospechoso de tiroteo en la Florida
Los atletas gays hacen historia en los Olímpicos de Invierno
El FBI, la CIA y la NSA piden no usar teléfonos Huawei
Maduro dice que sí irá al a Cumbre de las Américas, desafiando a Perú
CHARLES M. BLOW: Scandal-Ridden Scoundrel
¿Se debe acabar la Ley Seca en Colombia? El presidente Santos preguntó en las redes
Desplazados por el huracán María que viven en hoteles temen que FEMA deje de pagar su alojamiento
Encuentran posibles restos de agentes de la PGR de México
Autoridades de México temen que Elba Esther Gordillo se fugue y pide que use brazalete
Un entrenador de fútbol americano de la escuela dio la vida por sus estudiantes
Nikolas Cruz confesó a la policía que él fue el atacante
Estas son las víctimas del mortal tiroteo en una escuela de la Florida
Cinco gráficas para entender la cultura de armas en EE.UU. frente al resto del mundo
The Bad Parent Caucus
Nikolas Cruz en Instagram: entre armas y "Make America Great Again"
Budgets, Bad Faith and ‘Balance’
Jennifer Aniston y Justin Theroux anuncian que están separados
The Rise of the Amphibians
Mánager de Stormy Daniels dice que la estrella porno 'contará su historia'
¿Qué debería hacer México para controlar la diabetes y la obesidad?
Editorials of The Times
¿Están aumentando los casos de cálculos renales? Esto fue lo que reveló un estudio


State News

@NCCapitol : Charlotte puts toe in water for 2020 GOP convention
@NCCapitol : Chief of staff says Cooper never would have decided pipeline fund grants
@NCCapitol : Mass shootings prompt call for accessible emergency exits

National News

Judge in Trial of Sergeant Is Urged to Focus on Bat Woman Was Swinging
As Shots Rang Out, a Student Texts: 'If I Don't Make It, I Love You'
What happened, moment by moment, in the Florida school massacre
5 things for February 15: School massacre, White House, Zuma, Puerto Rico, phones
5 things for February 16: Florida massacre, immigration, Rick Gates, S. Africa, flu
You don't need a permit or license to buy a gun in Florida. (And you don't have to register your gun either)
A football coach who shielded students from the Florida shooter died as he lived -- by putting himself second
Marjorie Stoneman Douglas was an environmental activist. Now her name will be remembered for a school shooting
School shooting survivor to lawmakers: 'You need to take some action'
Cruz Is Charged With 17 Counts of Murder in Florida Shooting
How gun background checks work
FBI was warned about alleged shooter nearly 5 months ago, tipster says
19 of the 30 deadliest mass shootings have taken place in the last decade. What has changed on the federal level?
Junior ROTC student helped shield dozens with Kevlar sheets in shooting
Hiding under a desk as a gunman roamed the halls, a terrified student live-tweeted a school shooting
The ‘Grand Central of the West’ or a Glorified Bus Terminal?
Cruz is charged with 17 counts of murder in Florida shooting
Police Sergeant Acquitted in Killing of Mentally Ill Woman
NBA rookie uses his shoes to speak out on the Florida school shooting
Sheetz ranks 66th on Fortune's list of 100 Best Companies to Work For
A teen wrote about plans to shoot up his Washington high school. But his grandmother found his journal
HBCUs: Born in the North but most needed in the South
Woman accused of showing up drunk to hearing for previous DUI charge
These are the victims of the Florida school shooting
Unlikely Duo Desegregated Fayetteville Restaurants
A GoFundMe page for Parkland shooting victims raises more than $100,000 in one day
You can feel the horror of the Florida school shooting unfold in this text exchange between two sisters
How 'thoughts and prayers' went from common condolence to cynical meme
Woman with rare aneurysms gets life-saving surgery
School shootings in the US keep happening again and again and again
High school students made video to fight human trafficking
School police on security protocols following Florida shooting
Avalanche warning issued for northern Colorado mountains
Nearly 150,000 Orangutans Vanished Over 16 Years
High school siblings look to make wrestling sports history
Ancient Artists Left Camels Carved in Saudi Desert’s Stone
The Cuttlefish, a Master of Camouflage, Reveals a New Trick
Kansas congressional candidate faces criticism for 'AR-15 giveaway'
Victims of the Florida School Shooting: Stories of Students and Staff Members
Borneo Lost More Than 100,000 Orangutans From 1999 to 2016
Retired priest appears in court on child porn charges
How Columbine changed the way police respond to mass shootings
Florida student describes hearing her favorite teacher being shot dead
Imprisoned dad says disease, not abuse, caused his son's injuries
Couple facing deportation granted a stay
15-year-old high school student attacked while walking to school
Man arrested after deputies find juvenile chained up in garage
Waianae homeless village fights for safe haven at state capitol
The Cuttlefish, a Master of Camouflage, Reveals a New Trick
Kenneth Haigh, 86, ‘Angry Young Man’ of British Stage, Dies
Transgender Woman Breast-Feeds Baby After Hospital Induces Lactation
Workers injured in blast at UPS Freight
Murders, a fire & flood: The fascinating 240-year-old history of Saint John the Baptist Church
Car crashes outside NSA headquarters, suspects in custody
Police apologize for controversial Valentine's Day tweet
Operator of Notorious Flophouses Pleads Guilty to Medicaid Fraud
‘Staunch Characters’ Battle Over Painting of Jackie Kennedy
Florida Shooting Survivor Wants Action: ‘We’re Children. You Guys Are the Adults.’
Borneo Lost More Than 100,000 Orangutans From 1999 to 2015
In Response to Florida Shooting, Trump Focuses on Mental Health Over Gun Restrictions
2 students sustain chemical burns after unknown liquid thrown on them
Police Sergeant Acquitted in Killing of Mentally Ill Woman
‘Staunch Characters’ Battle Over Painting of Jackie Kennedy
Feds arrest two Bronx men in bomb-making case
An African-American teen and his mom explain why 'Black Panther' means so much
Ruud Lubbers, Former Dutch Prime Minister, Is Dead at 78
They've prepared in drills. They've heard prayers. Now students want real solutions to gun violence
AR-15s Are Mass Killers' Go-To Weapons. In Florida, They're Easier to Buy Than a Handgun
The Flu Vaccine Is Working Better Than Expected, CDC Finds
Florida school shooter may not have been able to buy the same gun in California
A Mother Weeps for Her Angel: ‘I Hope She Didn’t Die for Nothing’
Gunfire Erupts at a School. Leaders Offer Prayers. Children Are Buried. Repeat.
Flashes of Rage. Family Loss. The Troubled Life of Nikolas Cruz.
Officer Loses, Then Regains, Job in a Dispute Over Mississippi’s Flag
Prosecution Witness in Albany Corruption Trial Tells a Tale of Cuomo
Focus Turns to Gun Access by the Mentally Ill After Florida Shooting
Victims of the Florida school shooting: Stories of students, staff members
From 'broken child' to mass killer
National News at a Glance
My grandpa hid in closet from mass murderer. 70 years later, I did the same
School shooter will offer to plead guilty, public defender says
Cruz Confessed to Police That He Began Shooting Students ‘in the Hallways’
State Will Not Take Over Long-Struggling Hempstead Schools
Intrigue at VA as Secretary Says He Is Being Forced Out

World News

In ‘Paradigm Shift,’ Trudeau Announces Talks on Indigenous People’s Rights
Tillerson's Mideast tour: messenger without a message
Massive sinkhole prompts evacuation of 22 families in Rome
Cyril Ramaphosa: Mandela's chosen one gets his turn in office
More Afghan Civilians Being Deliberately Targeted, U.N. Says
Ethiopian prime minister resigns after years of turmoil
How to help victims of the Florida school shooting
Russia says it has proof of Western influence in its upcoming election
British man who fought ISIS charged with terror offenses
Macy's decision to sell hijabs sparks debate among Muslim women
'Three Billboards' inspires Grenfell Tower protest in London
No More Sex Between Ministers and Staff, Australia’s Prime Minister Declares
Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Resigns Amid Political Turmoil
What to Give Up for Lent? Smoking? Cursing? How About Plastic?
Will the Rohingya Ever Return Home?
Meet Ramaphosa, South Africa’s New President and a Mandela Favorite
Russia Blocks Navalny’s Website, After His Inquiry Into an Oligarch
New South Africa Leader Faces Old Question: Is There Will to Fight Corruption?
More Afghan Civilians Being Deliberately Targeted, U.N. Says
Most North Koreans Can’t Actually Watch the Olympic Games
Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Resigns Amid Political Turmoil
Will the Rohingya Ever Return Home?
In Netanyahu’s Israel, the Divisiveness Is Now All About Him
Diplomats in Cuba Suffered Brain Injuries. Experts Still Don’t Know Why.
In Pursuit of Peace, Trump Generates Rare Friction With Netanyahu
El Salvador Frees Woman Imprisoned for Decade Under Abortion Ban
U.S. Condemns Russia for Cyberattack, Showing Split in Stance on Putin
World News at a Glance
American ISIS Suspect Said He Wanted to Report From Syria, Filing Shows
South Africa Seizes New Economic Opportunity


Inside WRAL : Olympic media get sneak peek at next innovation in video
Inside WRAL : Staying connected ... half a world away

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Best balance transfer credit cards: 0% APR, 24 months
9 Best 0% APR Credit Card Offers – February 2018
Credit Cards: Find the Best Credit Card Offers & Deals – February 2018
U.K. blames Russia for crippling cyberattack
Best Rewards Credit Cards: Double miles, 5% cash, and more – February 2018
Dan Loeb was right. Nestle needs an overhaul
Amazon is adding 2,000 jobs in France
McDonald's is taking cheeseburgers out of the Happy Meal
Jimmy Kimmel writer Bess Kalb slams senators' 'prayers' for Florida shooting
Bodies on the classroom floor: cell phone videos take us inside a massacre
FCC Watchdog Looks Into Changes That Benefited Sinclair
Billionaire diamond dealer suspected of huge bank fraud
New Balance Transfer Offer: The Amex EveryDay® Credit Card from American Express
Review: The Amex EveryDay® Credit Card now with a standout balance transfer offer
Casting blame on Russia probe, far-right fumes at FBI in aftermath of Florida shooting
'Black Panther' is heading for a blockbuster weekend. Here's why that matters
FCC Watchdog Looks Into Changes That Benefited Sinclair
The Cost of Filing a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit, Plus Ways to Save and Fight
Richard Branson: Universal basic income is coming
'Black Panther' an $84 million economic impact blockbuster for Georgia
Delta pays out $1.1 billion in profit sharing
Radio host fired for sexual comments about Olympian Chloe Kim
As DACA debate continues, these Dreamers are saving lives
The NBA is not afraid to lead on social justice
As Whole Foods merges with Amazon, local suppliers watch and worry
Snapchat founder says user complaints 'validate' redesign
Here's what Oprah and her confidants are saying about 2020
Maduro warns Trump not to ban Venezuelan oil
Some people already get food in a box from the government
U.S. Bank Cited by Federal Authorities for Lapses in Money Laundering
Inflation and Stocks Are Both Up, and That’s Stirring Some Worries
Why Peter Thiel is leaving Silicon Valley
Harry’s Raises $112 Million to Move Beyond Shaving
A Chinese takeover of the Chicago Stock Exchange just got blocked
He Led a Turnaround at Taco Bell. Can He Do It at Chipotle?
FDA vows to combat high drug prices and companies 'gaming the system'
NBC Promotes Two Women to Lead Scripted Programming
Amazon Moves On Without ‘Transparent’ Actor Jeffrey Tambor
‘Black Panther’ Poised to Shatter a Hollywood Myth
Children’s Book Industry Has Its #MeToo Moment
H-E-B Favor-HNS
Business News at a Glance
Jimmy Kimmel to Trump after school shooting: 'You've literally done nothing'
More Luxury Buyers Ditch the Imports and Pick Up a Truck
SEC Blocks Chinese Takeover of Chicago Stock Exchange


These Triplet Models Want to Take This Town by the Throat
Amid the Quiet, the Party Must Go On
Cardi B Wins New York Fashion Week
The Popcorn Apocalypse
Aging Well : What is Assisted Living?
Good news for singles: NC metros top list of 'best dating spots'
Go Ask Mom : Which school shooting will be the last straw? Our kids deserve better than this
James Beard Awards Apply a New Yardstick: Good Behavior
Go Ask Mom : Destination: H Mart, the Korean grocer in Cary
Marc Jacobs’ 1980s Requiem


Lena Dunham Says She Had Hysterectomy After Endometriosis
Review: ‘Romeo + Juliet,’ a Movielike Ballet in Need of Better Direction
What's on Tap : Weekend best bets: Chili cook-off, Cupid's Undie Run
What's on Tap : New movies this week: Black Panther, Early Man
'Annihilation' director Alex Garland responds to whitewashing criticism
Amy Schumer marries chef Chris Fischer
What's on Tap : NC chefs, restaurants named semi-finalists for 'Oscars of Food'
Stars of ‘Black Panther’ Waited Lifetime for This Moment :
How an Indie-Rock Star Is Made in 2018
Josh Gad makes emotional promise after friend's son killed in Florida school shooting
Trapped in the Garden: Everything You Wanted to Know About Not Winning a Grammy
Jeffrey Tambor not returning for Season 5 of 'Transparent'
Allison Janney’s Road to the Oscars Was Paved by a Bird
Gillian Jacobs Is Ready to Let Go of Her Fears
Yannick Nézet-Séguin Will Lead the Met Opera, Two Years Early
A Tale of Two Netflix Coming-of-Age Comedies
She Led Latin American Art in a Bold New Direction
‘Early Man’ Is a Very Funny Trip to the Past
In Praise of Alistair MacLean and the Male Romance
Museum Employee’s Will Points to a Long-Lost Klimt Drawing
Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux announce they've separated
A Groundbreaking Show Presents a New, Inclusive Vision of American Art
Review: In ‘Western,’ German Workers Fan Tensions in a Bulgarian Town
She Led Latin American Art in a Bold New Direction
Review: A London Night Goes Wrong in ‘The Party’
Another Killing for Veena Sud, Both Familiar and New
Abuse Accusations Against Peter Martins Are Not Corroborated, Inquiry Says
A Bold Artist, a Quiet Texas Town and the Heritage of the Borderland
Jeffrey Tambor 'profoundly disappointed' by 'Transparent' ouster
A New Juliet Blooms as a Ballerina
New York Botanical Garden Names Its First Female President
A Husband’s Legacy Provides Comfort

Political News

Warriors coach Kerr blasts lawmakers after Parkland
In shooting's wake, Trump urges children to seek help if they feel 'lost, alone, confused or even scared'
Immigration state of play: Senate gets ready to vote
10 things the Parkland school shooting won't change
Biden says Congress has 'moral obligation' to take action after Parkland
Shulkin tells House that 'optics' of Europe trip are 'not good'
Bipartisan DACA, border security deal fails in Senate, putting immigration bill's future in doubt
Empathetic Trump offers no tangible solution for mass shootings
Senate Leaders Reconsider Ban on Pell Grants for Prisoners
Sessions says law enforcement 'should do better' after Florida school shooting
Grassley: Gov't needs to do better on mental health and guns
No Room for Debate: Senate Floor Fight Over Immigration Is a Bust So Far
Amid continued string of mass shootings, gun control going nowhere in Congress
Trump's one piece of gun-related legislation undid restrictions aimed at mental illness
Rubio: Gun laws wouldn't have prevented Parkland
Trump Gets What He Wants in Immigration Debate: Quiet on the Right
Read Trump's speech addressing the Parkland school shooting
Trump’s Inaugural Committee Paid $26 Million to Firm of First Lady’s Adviser
Tillerson says Hezbollah must be constrained
Obama calls for 'common-sense gun safety laws' after Florida school shooting
NRA removes Valentine's Day retweet encouraging purchase of guns
Appeals court rules against latest Trump travel ban
No Room for Debate: Senate Floor Fight Over Immigration Is a Bust So Far
Senate Leaders Reconsider Ban on Pell Grants for Prisoners
Bipartisan immigration plan: Where the senators stand
Twitter Trump reacted very differently than Teleprompter Trump to Parkland school shooting
American being held as ISIS fighter sought media access
GOP Rep. Cramer plans Friday entrance into North Dakota Senate race
Paul Ryan says not yet time for political battles on guns
Trump inaugural committee pays $26 million to firm founded by first lady's friend
School shooting highlights tough gap between warning about and eliminating a threat
Trump’s Latest Travel Ban Suffers Blow From a Second Appeals Court
Ex-wife's photos raise questions about McGahn's role in Porter scandal
Special counsel questioned Bannon this week
There's a gun for every American. But less than a third own guns.
Tillerson breaks protocol by meeting Turkey's Erdogan without translator
Trump Gets What He Wants in Immigration Debate: Quiet on the Right
'President Trump, please do something!' - Grieving mother demands answers after daughter is killed in Florida school shooting
Frustration Grows as Congress Shows Inability to Pass Even Modest Gun Measures
Trump’s Inaugural Committee Paid $26 Million to Firm of First Lady’s Adviser
Exclusive: Mueller's interest in Kushner grows to include foreign financing efforts
Exclusive: A top Trump campaign adviser close to plea deal with Mueller
White House blasts Russia for NotPetya cyberattack
Democratic Rep. Walz: Justice Department should investigate Shulkin's hacking claim
Senate Rejects Trump's Immigration Plan
What's next for DACA? 'Don't know'
Rebuffing Sessions, senators advance criminal justice reform bill
The pressure is on Kelly to put Porter crisis to rest
How do laws prevent mentally ill people from buying guns?
Florida governor on gun laws: 'Everything's on the table'
Issa issues 'no ifs-ands-or-buts denial' of affair in congressman's divorce case
Senators fume after immigration bill failure
If you blinked, you missed the immigration fight
The White House Flouts the First Rule of Crisis Communications: Get the Facts Out Fast
Source: Blackburn takes WH meeting after Corker reports
Senate’s Renewed Push for Sentencing Overhaul Hits a Familiar Roadblock
Supreme Court will meet behind closed doors Friday on DACA
Washington's political impotence is on full display
In Comment on YouTube, a Warning for the FBI
The White House Flouts the First Rule of Crisis Communications: Get the Facts Out Fast
New Health Secretary Faces First Test as Idaho Skirts Federal Law
Senate Rejects Immigration Plans, Leaving Fate of 'Dreamers' Uncertain
No Room for Debate: Senate Floor Fight Over Immigration Is a Bust

Health Team

State officials to release new flu numbers Thursday as season rages on
Time is up for timeouts
World's first human case of H7N4 avian flu reported in China
More than 40 dead in Lassa fever outbreak in Nigeria
Flu vaccine just 36% effective this season, CDC reports
Woman who beat 1 percent survival odds after flu urges vaccination