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Show-stopper kitchens & baths add vakue

We all want beautiful homes, and we all know that kitchens and baths are our homes' focal points.

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Show-stopper kitchens
Rebecca R. Newsome
, New Homes & Ideas
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You know the feeling. You deny, deny, deny that you’re not the envious type. You don’t covet; you don’t yearn. Then you find yourself in an amazing home, and without warning, your typically quiet inner voice begins to scream, “I want this!! I want my kitchen and my bath to be this cool!!” Although you do your best to smile and maintain your composure, you secretly begin making plans for your dream to come true. You begin plotting your course on how these wonderful features can and will become a part of your very own life.

This kitchen design from a workspace standpoint so that they are great gathering places for family and friends, and accessible to the garage for bringing in groceries.

Take it from the staff at New Homes & Ideas… These desires are okay. They’re even healthy! We all want beautiful homes, and we all know that kitchens and baths are our homes’ focal points. Fortunately, we live in an area in which our dreams can be realized, with the vast array of talent in our home building market. Read on to learn more about show-stopper kitchens and baths, right here in the Triangle. But first, exhale and relax. Feel better already?

Spatially Speaking

In all price ranges, proper kitchen space planning makes a huge impact in the extent of our “ooohs” and “ahhhs.” A good work triangle means that the refrigerator, sink, and oven are thoughtfully placed, with easy access to each other, yet apart from high foot traffic areas, leading, for example, to the family room or garage. “We plan our homes for the way people live day to day,” says Michelle Simms. “Not only do we make our kitchens safe from a workspace standpoint, we also make them great gathering places for family and friends, and we make them accessible to the garage for bringing in groceries. This careful planning results in beautiful, flowing floor plans.”

Granite Grandeur

This former upgrade is now more often than not a standard feature in many Triangle kitchens and baths. “We’re finding that everyone wants granite today, so we’re incorporating it even into our spec homes,” says Brian Herring. “Consumers love natural stone and they love unique countertop configurations, such as circular dining areas at the end of kitchen islands. They’re functional and they create a lot of ‘wow.’ Various countertop edge styles are also popular, such as beveled, bullnose, and decorative. These are just ways to make special features even more special.”

Granite countertops are in demand in master baths as well. As the trend of utilizing influences from nature combines with the popularity of low maintenance, what could be a more natural choice than granite?

Covert Appliances and Camouflaged Hood Vents

The refrigerator and dishwasher at Johnston County’s Dr. Watson Inn feature cabinetry fronts. The hood vent is camouflaged by a lovely decorative cover. Note the subway-design tile backsplash and the appealing yet useful plate rack. The ceiling is a part of the floor system of the mid-1700s home in which the Inn was built to replicate; the pot rack is a window frame from the original home.

Wide, deep drawers are terrific conveniences in both kitchens and baths. “Our customers love the 30” wide drawers we’ve been including in our kitchens,” says Simms “These drawers provide great storage space, and it’s easier to get to items in the back of a drawer as opposed to digging to the back of a cabinet. The extra drawers in our master baths are appreciated by customers as well. Why put a vanity area between the ‘his and her’ sinks when you can install storage space? Consumers prefer storage every time.”

In tandem with this philosophy are huge kitchen pantries and over-sized master bath linen closets. Same with butler’s pantries and wine coolers… Storage reigns!

Just as staggered cabinetry heights, the addition of cabinet crown molding, and glass cabinet doors have contributed to interesting, inviting kitchens, so has the use of cabinetry on appliance fronts. “Appliances with cabinetry fronts can transform the look of a kitchen,” says Jordan Finch, Inc. “At the Dr. Watson Inn; we utilized this look with the refrigerator and dishwasher, as well as the ice maker in the kitchen island.

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