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Shopping Black Friday? 5 On Your Side shares what to expect

Are you usually a Black Friday shopper who joins the early deal hunters on Thursday?

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Monica Laliberte
, WRAL 5 On Your Side reporter/executive producer

Are you usually a Black Friday shopper who joins the early deal hunters on Thursday?

2020 is your year to take break! Many stores won't even open until Friday.

In fact, 5 On Your Side found that this year many shoppers aren't really even feeling it.

"Growing up, we would always go out Black Friday, get up early, it would be a big thing," said Ulia White. "But now it kinda slowed down a little bit."

"I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet," said Michelle Dixon.

"I'll have my list made up a little bit more then I would normally do," said Owen Dunlap. "I won't be browsing much."

5 On Your Side checked with Target, Walmart, Kohl's, BJ's, Costco, Best Buy and four local malls about what to expect in store this year.

Target is going high-tech. For the first time ever, you can check Target’s website to see if there’s a line outside your store. If so, you can reserve a spot, and they'll text you when it's your turn to go in and shop.

The store is also expanding its ‘My Checkout’ service. Staff will be in different places around the store to check you out on the spot to help avoid lines.

Kohl's is pushing curbside pickup, but also offering touchless payment in store using their app.

Inside the store, you'll notice more space for shoppers.

"We have removed all of our in-aisle programs and fixturing to allow for plenty of space for customers to pass by through the aisles," said Cary Kohl's manager Melanie Tucker.

As for sanitation, she said they've had plenty of practice.

"All of the sanitization practices that we have in place are second nature now. It's not something completely new going into this holiday season for us. We've been doing this for months on it now," said Tucker.

At Walmart, if you're planning to line up Black Friday morning, they want you in a single-file line.

Walmart Health Ambassadors will be at the entrance reminding everyone to wear a mask in the store.

Once you get inside, customers will be asked to walk down the right hand side of the aisle only to help with social distancing and traffic control.

Best Buy has seen its share of Black Friday insanity. Like other stores, a mask is still required and the number of shoppers will be limited.

The store has also decided to close earlier than it did last holiday season.

BJs is adding staff and curbside pickup windows.

One local manger told 5 On Your Side they planned to go from six pick-up slots an hour to 50.

Costco wants you shopping online early, and warned of shipping delays with the expected surge this year.

While more of us will be shopping online, some will still be out keeping up with tradition and looking to get back to at least a little bit of normalcy.

"You still gotta live your life," said Jim Russo. "You can't live in fear. You gotta do things that make you happy."

Local businesses around the Triangle have announced measures to combat coronavirus, changes in store hours and special deals.


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