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Sheriff: Fire at elderly woman's home could be work of serial arsonist

Posted July 4, 2018 5:00 p.m. EDT

— An elderly woman was rescued from a raging fire Wednesday morning, and now investigators believe it could be the work of a serial arsonist.

It happened on W. German Road, between Lincoln and Trumbull in Portsmouth Township.

Investigators said the fire started with a vehicle before spreading and ripping through the garage.

A woman in her 70s was inside at the time, but the sheriff's department managed to get her out.

"The sheriff's department came and I told them there was an old lady in the house and I told her which bedroom was hers and they bashed in the door and got her out thankfully," said neighbor Tim Borysiak.

The sheriff said the possible arson may be connected to a string of vehicle fires dating back to April in Bay County.