Goodbye, GOLO; Hello, SHARE

We have decided to phase out GOLO. The GOLO section front will be replaced with a new section called SHARE.

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When we launched GOLO more than four years ago, we wanted to create a social network built around our community, a local Facebook of sorts. We hoped that members would share content that would be of interest to others with similar interests in the Triangle region.

That happened, though not to the level we hoped. Users uploaded photos of birds, landscapes and snowfalls. They wrote blogposts about politics, schools, books and religion. GOLO also fostered new virtual relationships, which led some members to holding real-world meetups with their new friends. These same individuals banded together to raise money for people in need and support those fighting abroad and those grieving the loss of loved ones.

Increasingly, we have witnessed the not-so-pleasant side of un-moderated and anonymous Internet communities. Some visitors were bent on stirring up trouble. They made personal attacks or posted content not appropriate for a media website.

We now find that most of our available resources are being devoted to removing inappropriate content and trying to settle squabbles between users rather than cultivating meaningful dialog and interesting user-generated content.

With reluctance, we have decided to phase out GOLO. As of Friday, Sept. 30, we will no longer publish new content, including profiles, blogposts and photos. We will, however, encourage registered users to continue commenting on news and sports stories. Those comments will be moderated prior to posting.
The GOLO section front will be replaced with a new section called SHARE. The section will showcase all of the ways that visitors can contribute photos, video, story ideas and more. The biggest change is that all content will be reviewed by staff before publication.
GOLO members who have posted content will have until Friday, Oct. 7, to copy content they wish to preserve. After that date, we cannot guarantee the availability of GOLO content.

We thank the GOLO contributors who took part in our grand experiment. We enjoyed meeting you, and we look forward to your continued contributions via SHARE and story comments.




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