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Security Measures Taken at South Johnston High School

Posted March 6, 2008 9:53 p.m. EST

— School officials said they have taken security measures at South Johnston High School in the wake of fight last Friday.

Superintendent Tony Parker said a shotgun shell was found in a bathroom at the high school. Law enforcement agents are handling that case, he added.

Parker said he believes the discovery of the shell was fallout from a fight at South Johnston on Friday, Feb. 29. The fight sparked a lot tension among students, and rumors have flown since, Parker said.

Extra security officers were at the school Monday, and security measures have continued throughout the week, the superintendent said.

Parker stressed that the school's principal is working with law enforcement, and security is the school system's top priority. Parker said he feels like South Johnston is as safe as any school in the country.

Parker encouraged parents to talk to their children about the right thing to do. He asked for calm in the school community and for students not to spread or exaggerate rumors.