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Scotty records 'Idol' goodbye song

Posted March 8, 2012 11:35 a.m. EST

"American Idol" winner Scotty McCreery has recorded something that he never had to officially hear last season – the exit song played for Idol contestants when they are eliminated. 

McCreery, of Garner, has recorded a cover of the Tim McGraw's hit "Please Remember Me." After a contestant is eliminated, it will be played over the video montage of their "Idol" journey. 

“It’s always a sad time whenever this song is played, but it’s definitely a really big part of the show,” McCreery said in a statement. “I never had to experience that feeling personally, but I always felt the pain because we became such a close family on the show." 

The song debuts on Thursday's episode of "American Idol." 

This won't be the only time you hear McCreery on the show this season. He will be performing on the Idol stage at some point this season. 

"I am excited to go up there and sing and hopefully have some one-on-one time with contestants and see what they are up to and maybe have a chance to give them some advice and some of my ins and outs of the competition that I learned through my experience," McCreery said in a statement.