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Scottsdale HOA takes down 'Welcome Home' sign for U.S. Marine

Posted November 9, 2017 12:59 p.m. EST

— Angelo Manuele still has the signs that went up on a couple of lamp posts, down the block from his house in north Scottsdale.

"It wasn't like we were trying to put up garage sale signs," said Manuele.

Manuele's son Joey Manuele had just completed 13 weeks of boot camp at the U.S. Marine Base in San Diego and the signs were a way to welcome Joey home.

But a few days after the signs appeared the neighborhood HOA took them down, because signs along the street are not allowed.

"I get rules and I'm not against following rules, but when you're talking about our patriots and what these people are doing for our country, could you just let it stay?"

"They were just trying to do something nice," said Joey Manuele. "It's not like they were going to leave it up. I'm only here for 10 days."

Mark Richardson is general manager of the McDowell Mountain Ranch Community Association.

He said they had received several complaints about the signs, but decided to leave them up for a short time out of respect, then took them down and returned them.

Richardson sent Manuele an e-mail that said:

"We did make an exception for a few days and the signs were able to serve their purpose. Although we typically remove and destroy signs, we did not wish to do that in this case. I would like to thank your son Joey for his service and for signing up to defend our great country and citizens including myself. I want you to know that we and I would hope everyone in this community has the respect for our brave Service Men that allow us our freedom."

Manuele said that while other houses still have Halloween decorations up, and another has a giant turkey, it's a shame their HOA has focused attention on them.

"They're giving up their life for our freedom," said Manuele. "I just think it's poor -- a sad thing for them to do this."