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School fundraisers: Love them or hate them

We're all just about back in school and that means local PTAs are gearing up for another season of fundraisers.

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Sarah Lindenfeld Hall

Some good news came in the teacher assignment packet we got the other week for my daughter. Instead of asking kids to sell wrapping paper or some other product, the PTA at her school will just seek donations instead.

The PTA sponsors some great events and programs at her school, which all sound well worth the money. But I can think of about a million other things I'd like to do besides turning my five-year-old into a saleswoman, going door-to-door and calling in favors to all my friends and relatives. Because, let's face it, is there anything in any of those catalogs that people really want or are such good deals that they can't be passed up? And there are enough families who attend the same school in the neighborhood that we'd end up just selling to each other.

So I hope this proves to be a smashing success with so much money raised that a wrapping paper catalog never passes my front step.

But I'm sure many of you have those catalogs in your past and future. I'd love to hear some of those horror stories and advice!

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