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School district to have armed security guards next year

Posted June 14, 2018 3:08 p.m. EDT

— This summer, security staff with Regional School District 10 will be re-trained and licensed in the event of an active shooter on any of its school campuses.

Superintendent Alan Beitman said the security staff are all seasoned, well-trained, and retired state and local police officers.

There are other safety measures that will also be put in place.

In a letter, the superintendent laid out changes coming to the school district, which includes the towns of Burlington and Harwinton.

He said on Monday night, the Region 10 Board of Education unanimously approved several additional steps to enhance safety and security.

Some of those added measures include:

The district's security staff will be armed in the event of an active shooter situation.

Training for volunteer staff with a nationally-recognized "stop the bleed" program. It's a program where trained people administer first aid to injured parties.

Beitman said both elementary schools have enhanced their social curriculum from pre-k through 4th grade, a guidance counselor has been added to grade 5, and a comprehensive focus on social and emotional well-being that addresses mental health is being planned for pre-k through 12th grade staff.