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Santa Monica Animal Rescue Organization Brings Dogs Displaced by Tropical Storm Harvey to SoCal

Posted September 4, 2017 10:43 a.m. EDT

— A Santa Monica-based animal rescue organization flew 30 dogs affected by Tropical Storm Harvey from Texas to the Los Angeles area over the weekend in hopes of getting them adopted.

Karma Rescue representatives and volunteers flew to Austin where dogs from Houston were taken in order to free up shelter space.

A private jet brought 30 dogs to John Wayne Airport, and four more were expected to make their way to California soon.

Some dogs were carried out of the jet, while others made their way down on their own, video showed.

Alex Tonner, the organization's director of operations, said there are thousands of dogs affected by the storm that need homes.

"It's really dire out there," Tonner said. "People really need to step up and help."

Local dog rescues and shelters have committed to helping find homes for the dogs that were flown in and were present Saturday when the dogs arrived.