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Santa Comes Early For More Than 250 Kids In Springdale

Posted December 6, 2017 11:22 a.m. EST

— More than 250 kids shopped with a cop in Springdale Tuesday (Dec. 5).

The Springdale Police Department hosted the event to make sure the kids had a Christmas.

Each kid got about $150 to spend at Walmart. The kids picked out what was on their Christmas list, but most of the money was used to buy new clothes.

"Then my mommy doesn't have to spend a lot of money," one shopper said. "Right now we're trying to find some outfits, so we can have pants and a shirt so we don't have to worry about finding pants."

Jeff Taylor, a lieutenant with the Springdale Police Department, said the shopping day gives these families a Christmas, as well as the opportunity to meet and spend time with the officers tasked with protecting and serving them.

"It's a very non-stressful event for the families and for the officers," said Taylor, "It helps the officers to just bridge that gap to build that community with the young kids in the community."

The police department raised $50,000 for Shop with a Cop with help from the community.