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Ruptured Propane Pipeline Back in Service

Posted November 12, 2007 3:47 p.m. EST

— A propane pipeline that serves seven Southeast states returned to service Monday, 11 days after a rupture in Mississippi created a shortage scare in Apex.

A 12-inch Dixie Pipeline Co. propane line ruptured Nov. 1 near Carmichael, Miss. At least two people were killed in the resulting gas explosion and fire, and dozens of nearby home were evacuated.

The pipeline, which runs from Texas to a terminal in Apex, had been shut down since the rupture. A 10-mile section of the pipeline was replaced and tested before the company allowed the flow of propane to resume Monday morning.

The lack of propane along the length of the pipeline sent dozens of tanker trucks to Apex to draw from the terminal's reserves. Distributors feared a lengthy pipeline shutdown would create a propane shortage, and they wanted to ensure they had enough gas to meet customers' demands.