Rufus Report - Week 3

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Rufus Report - Week 3

I had forgotten how much a human being can love a dog.

We begin our third full week with Rufus. I love him more every day. I took this picture while playing with him in the backyard Sunday.

Our cock-a-poo puppy is beginning to exert his independence. He’s quicker than lightning. He visited two neighbors’ yards over the weekend before I could catch up with the rascal. He likes to hide out under my car. He doesn’t like the leash.

He has wild puppy spells. He zips around the house like a whirling dervish. He attacks all of his toys and dominates them with sheer force and determination. Then he melts in a furry ball of docility lapping up love, kisses and tummy rubs.

He’s pretty good about sleeping through the night now. His accident rate is on the decline. Puppy training will begin soon.

Rufus doesn’t like loud noises. All of those leaf blowers were starting to unnerve him.

He loves Cindy’s robe. He loves to chew it. We need to work on his puppy biting. The vet says when he gets in the biting mood give him a good substitute. A nice chew toy usually works.

Any advice you’d like to give? It’s been a long time since I last had a puppy.


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