Emily Walkenhorst

Emily Walkenhorst

WRAL education reporter

Professional Experience:

2013-2020: Reporter at the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette newspaper in Little Rock

News Philosophy:

Be thoughtful and attentive. Be skeptical of others and yourself. Always seek solutions.


Bachelor of Journalism from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2013, with minors in Spanish, global studies and English


Lincoln, Neb.

Hobbies/interest/community involvement:

Running, hiking, playing tennis, reading, drawing, watching sports and taking my dog on long walks

Family and pets:

I have a 5-ish-year-old rescue hound named Petey. We love to go on long walks and hikes with my boyfriend and his retired racing greyhound, Kelly

Favorite websites/books/podcasts:

I’m an avid fiction reader, and I’m fond of any book by Kevin Wilson. For non-fiction, I love Maus I and II. My favorite podcast is Reply All. I also frequently listen to Invisibilia, In the Dark, Code Switch, You’re Wrong About, Reveal, Heavyweight, APM Reports Documentaries, Living on Earth, Throughline and many more. I love podcasts.

Like best about NC:

The mountains and the ocean, of course!

Most memorable assignment:

I covered the environment for five years in Arkansas, and I got to hike, canoe, wade through water and visit national parks as a part of it, which was really fun. On one occasion, I fell while hiking with geologists and ended up hanging slightly off of a cliff before they helped me back up. It sounds more dramatic than it probably was, but I was pretty scared … and embarrassed.

Another time, I put on a hard hat and went to a recycling facility to see all of the junk workers have to filter out of what people throw in their bins. I saw a sword and saws and dirty diapers, but thankfully no propane tanks came through that day — if workers miss the tanks, they often catch fire when machinery tries to process them. Don’t recycle propane tanks! At least not in a traditional curbside bin.