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Aging Well Editor Liisa Ogburn

Aging Well editor

Who am I? I am a mom of three teens. I grew up in North Carolina, visiting one set of grandparents in Smithfield and the other in Finland. I’ve followed a nonlinear career path, which has taken me to Finland, Estonia, San Francisco and Japan before settling in the Triangle, where I taught at Duke for close to a decade.

The constant throughout has been family and writing. In fact, it was through writing about caring for my father-in-law in our family's home as he declined that led me to what I do now: eldercare, and speaking and writing about all things related to it.

In this region, we are reportedly facing a "silver tsunami." While we plan for the care of our children during the first 18 years of their lives, we often don't for the last eight years of our own.

My goal here is to ease the journey through providing local resources, services and experts that can help you "age in place," as well as all the options you have when that is no longer possible. It is daunting to make important decisions under significant duress; hopefully, we can help you act in the wisest ways possible.

Welcome. Join us. Comment. Let me know what you think. Need help with a specific question? Email me. Chances are you're not the only one.