Romantic Twists, and Diabolical Turns

Posted May 6, 2018 8:46 p.m. EDT

‘Crazy Rich Asians’

“What about us taking an adventure east?” Singaporean bachelor Nick Young (Henry Golding) asks his Chinese-American professor girlfriend, Rachel Chu (Constance Wu), in the new trailer for “Crazy Rich Asians.” Her response: “Like, Queens?”

Not quite. Based on Kevin Kwan’s best-selling novel, the romantic comedy follows the couple to Singapore, where Rachel learns that her boyfriend is the son of a superwealthy family of developers. Amid this opulent setting, she finds herself in a seemingly universal situation: She’s unable to impress her judgmental would-be mother-in-law (Michelle Yeoh).

“Crazy Rich Asians” has generated some controversy over the casting of the biracial Golding as the male romantic lead. Identity issues also resonate throughout the film, as Rachel’s pal (Awkwafina, who will also soon be seen in “Ocean’s 8”) tells her that Nick’s mother “thinks you’re like some unrefined banana — yellow on the outside, white on the inside.”

Directed by Jon M. Chu (“Now You See Me 2”), “Crazy Rich Asians” will open Aug. 17.


Seemingly one of the only Marvel characters who is not in Disney’s soon-to-be-unleashed “Avengers: Infinity War,” Venom is getting his own stand-alone film from Columbia Pictures. That’s because the Sony-owned studio controls the rights to the Spider-Man universe, which is where Venom originated. But Sony made a deal with Marvel Studios to share Spidey, which is why Tom Holland can be seen slinging webs in “Infinity War.”

Confused yet? Venom’s origin story — as dramatized in the new trailer — isn’t quite so convoluted. An investigative journalist, Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy), discovers that the diabolical Dr. Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed) is doing research with symbiotes, organisms that can merge with people and create superhuman hybrids. Eddie soon finds his body invaded by one of these creatures and battles to use his new powers for good, not evil. The film also features Michelle Williams in her first superhero-movie role as Eddie’s ex-wife. Also making her Marvel debut: “Saturday Night Live” alumna Jenny Slate as a do-gooder who asks Eddie to aid in an attempt to defeat Drake.

“Embrace your inner antihero,” the trailer’s tagline reads, and Sony hopes moviegoers will do just that when “Venom” opens Oct. 5.