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Robotic suitcase rolls into Las Vegas

Posted December 8, 2017 11:28 a.m. EST

— A robotic suitcase made its Las Vegas debut Thursday, on display at Planet Hollywood.

The Travelmate is a smart suitcase that can follow people and navigate through crowds and obstacles, and even go off road and pick up the pace, reaching speeds of up to seven miles per hour.

One of its creators explained what inspired the innovation.

"Over time, we thought it's such a hassle to always carry stuff and if you have a family, it's even worse. And that's how the first idea came about roughly two years ago," Max Cobton with Travelmate Robotics said.

Creators said they also considered whether there would be any issues passing through the TSA at airports. They said that won't be a worry, but batteries will need to be removed when going through security.

The smallest suitcase starts at $1,100.