Reviews & Resolutions

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Congratulations to mytrish for winning the Postal Heroes blog contest! Thanks for all of the entries.


We’re approaching a new year. What would you like to talk about in 2010? How could we change this blog to make it better? Please submit your comments and suggestions.


Also today I’d like to hear your New Year’s resolutions. Here are some of mine on a personal level:


1. To pay all the bills for my daughter’s wedding with little or no comment and a smile on my face.


2. To listen to others with a warm intensity.


3. To rekindle my fitness and weight loss program.


4. To be a kind and caring husband, father and friend.


5. To take Rufus for a walk every day.


6. To take lots of interesting pictures.


7. To finish my new musical album on time.


8. To pray more, live in the present and find more time for the wisdom of silence.


9. To continue to laugh a lot and be goofy as much as possible.


10. To be respectful of other people’s time.


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