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What's on Tap

Restaurant review: Market

Posted April 13, 2012 11:33 a.m. EDT
Updated July 13, 2018 2:21 p.m. EDT

Market is known for sourcing fresh, local ingredients every day! The menu changes based on what's purchased fresh, so each day is a little different! I love that!

The Location: 938 N. Blount Street in Raleigh's Historic Mordecai. If you’re not from around here, double check your pronunciation of "Mordecai," I bet you’re pronouncing it “wrong!”

The Company: A few members of the Out & About team who regularly meet to eat and review restaurants! It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it!

Kale Chips at Market

The Meal: We started with baked kale chips served with a tangy ketchup that's made in-house. I have to be honest and say that I like my homemade kale chips better because I first coat them with herb-infused oil and I add lots of Parmesan cheese. They're probably not as light and healthy as the kale chips at Market. Kathy, our Out & About editor says: "The kale chips were good" and "I really enjoyed their homemade ketchup!" Lisa, marketing manager, says the kale chips and ketchup were "the winner of this meal! Light, but totally snackable!"

Fish Tacos at Market

I needed a little encouragement to try the fish tacos for lunch but I'm so glad I did! The meaty fish was a perfect pairing to the tender hand-made tortilla. Yum! I will say that the fish was served with the skin on though and I really would have preferred it to be removed in the kitchen. Both Kathy and Lisa ordered the vegan chili rellenos and here's what they had to say. Kathy: "They were good but a little bland. A little bit of cheese – vegan or not – would have helped this dish tremendously. The black beans and rice served around it were excellent though." Lisa: "I have one thing to say: Impressive. The chill relleno was massive. A great value for lunch as I certainly could’ve made dinner out of half of it. "

The Final Bill: The price was right for me! Less than $15 with tip. Next time we go, maybe we'll check it out on a Friday. They have a $5 Friday lunch option! How great is that?

The Verdict: We will all be back!