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Restaurant review: Mama Dips

Mama Dip's country cooking and "pumpkin seed" history is just too charming to miss!

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Mama Dip's
Sarah Adams
I was doing research for our Five Fave Comfort Foods and just had to go to Mama Dip's. Their southern cooking tastes just like home! And, I ask you, how can you not love a place who compares their philosophy on life and business to growing a pumpkin seed? Tend to it, nurture it, water it, feed it and share with your neighbors! 
The Location: Rosemary Street in Chapel Hill right around the corner from Franklin Street. Easy enough street parking and a few lot spots.
The Company: My handsome husband and our darling eight-month-old son. This was his first time sitting in a high-chair at a restaurant and sharing some of our food. How fun!
Mama Dip's
The Meal: We started with sweet potato fries with cinnamon and sugar, definitely darling boy’s favorite! I tried to brush off the excess sugar for him, but for me it was just right. I think these could double as an appetizer and dessert.
Mama Dip's

My husband ordered chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and fried okra. His official press-statement was “tastes like chicken." I tried a bite and thought was great. Tender, not tough, with the right flavor and no surprises – which is what I like from down home country cooking. The fried okra was great. Just what I was expecting and craving. Yum! 


Mama Dip's

I ordered what the menu calls chicken and dumplings, but I would call it chicken and pastry because the dough is rolled flat and cut into strips. Even though the name was questionable, the flavor and texture were perfect! Chewy, with just the right amount of bite. The chicken was just right too, tender and shredded into perfect sized pieces. I ordered greens as a side, which won't go down in history as my favorite greens, but they were good and I'd order them again.

The Service: Wonderful! When the waitress brought us our food, she placed everything on the far side of the table, out of reach of darling boy’s grabby little hands, which I really appreciate. Too often when we go out to eat, the server places the steaming hot food and hot plates directly in front of the baby and it’s a race to push it out of the way before he grabs it. Servers take note! 
The Final Bill: $40 for the app, two entrees and two drinks. 
The Verdict: We would definitely go back. I have it in mind to pick up a picnic basket from them sometime this summer. They come with fried chicken, potato salad, a red checkered table cloth, even utensils and ice! (Bring your own cooler). Charming! 

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