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Restaurant review: Mahoney's Pub in Cary

The Out & About team visits Mahoney's Pub, located at the intersection of Cary Parkway and Tryon Road in Cary.

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Kathy Hanrahan
Whenever the Out & About team discovers a new restaurant, we have to check it out! Mahoney's Pub in Cary opened just before St. Patrick's Day, but we only recently were able to make the trip to check out their cuisine. 
The Location: At the intersection of Cary Parkway and Tryon Road. 
The Company: The Out & About team
The Irish Tater Tots at Mahoney's Pub in Cary.
The Meal:  The first thing that caught our eye – the Irish Tater Shots ($4). These deep-friend mashed potatoes are stuffed with pepper jack cheese and served with ranch or blue cheese dressing. Instead of looking like traditional tater tots, they were more like stuffed potato bites. But the kick from the pepper jack cheese was a perfect complement to the ranch dressing.

Tara said, "I was pleasantly surprised that they had quite a kick to them but if you don’t like spice I would steer clear."

Overall a perfectly sized appetizer to whet the palate.

For individual entrees, we each opted for something different:

Kathy: I tried the Classic Chicken Sandwich grilled with Swiss cheese and avocado on top. I am a sucker for a sandwich with avocado, but the chicken was a little more blackened than I like it. The best thing about their sandwich menu is that you can add avocado, mushrooms and bacon (for 50 cents each) and select from four different types of bread and five cheeses. Overall, the star of the meal for me turned out to be those Irish tater tots and my pub chips! Both of which I can't wait to enjoy again. 
The Roasted Red Pepper and Gouda soup at Mahoney's Pub in Cary.
Lisa: It was an unexpected lunch success. Sometimes at pubs you get very basic pub fare, but I enjoyed my grilled cheese (with choice of four kinds of cheese and ability to add avocado and mushrooms) and was pleasantly surprised to find that the soup of the day was a roasted red pepper and gouda that was made without a meat stock base. Vegetarian win!


Sarah: I would definitely go back for the Irish Tator Shots alone. I loved that they were spicy! We split them four ways and after tasting the first one, I kind of wanted to order my own serving so I wouldn't have to share. I also really liked the salad that came with my sandwich, it was a pretty standard green salad but with really delicious blue cheese crumbles. My BLT sandwich? Well, not very memorable. A week later I almost couldn't remember what I ordered, I just remembered that it was a little dry. Final verdict: I'll definitely be back soon! I'd love to try the fish and chips.
Tara: I went with the Cajun Shrimp Po-Boy on Kaiser bread. I like that you are able to choose what kind of bread you want and the shrimp tasted very fresh. My favorite part of the sandwich, which really set it apart from shrimp poor boys I have had in the past, was the Tabasco aioli sauce. It complimented the shrimp perfectly and gave the sandwich the perfect amount of spice. The side of chips that came with the meal were pretty good too, especially dipped in their ranch. It was a lot of food and really more than I could eat for lunch, it was also more than I usually spend for lunch with the sandwich alone being $10, but I will definitely be back again.
The Final Bill: The sandwiches make for a great inexpensive lunch. The most expensive sandwiches on the menu are the Cajun Shrimp Po-Boy and the Carolina Crab Cake ($10 each). Entrees, which include pub staples Shepherd's Pie, Bangers and Mash, Corned Beef and Cabbage and Fish and Chips, run from $11 to $15. 
The Verdict: We would like to go back and check out their entrees and maybe those Irish Tater Tots again...


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