Hard Choices

Rep. Walter Jones

Posted January 23, 2013 8:40 p.m. EST

In January 2013, WRAL News conducted a poll of 500 North Carolina residents on gun policy and related issues. Before results of the poll were released, we asked the state's 2 Senators and 13 House members to respond to some of the same questions.

Rep. Walter Jones, a Republican who represents the 3rd Congressional district, did not answer the survey questions but offered a written statement:

“As a strong supporter of the Constitution and the Second Amendment, I believe it is wrong for President Obama to bypass Congress, ignore the Constitutional rights of the American people and issue an executive order on gun control. Just as President Obama has done in the past by committing our troops to war without Congressional approval, he is again ignoring Congress’ constitutional authority by issuing an executive order pertaining to the Second Amendment.”


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