Hard Choices

Rep. Mike McIntyre

As of Jan. 21, the Democrat, who represents North Carolina's 7th district, had not responded.

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Rep. Mike McIntyre
In January 2013, WRAL News conducted a poll of 500 North Carolina residents on gun policy and related issues. Before results of the poll were released, we asked the state's 2 Senators and 13 House members to respond to some of the same questions.

Rep. Mike McIntyre, a Democrat representing North Carolina 7th district, did not respond to the questions but offered a written statement: 

“I have always supported and will continue to support the rights of law-abiding citizens as spelled out in our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and that includes our Second Amendment right to bear arms. We should all be concerned about violent crime and the culture of violence that has become all too prevalent in our society. We need to have a national dialogue to find better solutions to protect our citizens, especially our most vulnerable, while at the same time protecting and preserving our Constitutional rights. In addition, Congress also ought to consider the broader impact of violent entertainment in American culture, as well as the resources dedicated for school security and mental health services. Rather than focusing on political divisions, we should work towards common-sense solutions that preserve all of our constitutional rights, make us safer, and protect our citizens.”


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