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1,000+ lives lost in North Carolina to coronavirus

Posted June 4, 2020 2:38 p.m. EDT
Updated June 4, 2020 4:12 p.m. EDT

Coronavirus - WRAL Remembers

As North Carolina passes the grim milestone of 1,000 deaths due to coronavirus, WRAL wants to honor the lives behind the numbers. Listed here are those who died. In some cases, families have provided a brief highlight of life accomplishments.



Adrian Grubbs, Harnett County, Raleigh sanitation worker

Judy Harward, Durham County, Former Durham councilwoman

Alexander Reginald Pettiway, Durham County, Durham Detention Center officer

Rex Weathersby, Franklin County, resident at Louisburg Nursing Center

Barbara Anne Stewart, Caswell County, nurse in North Carolina prison system

Barbara Stewart, 57, Caswell County

Dulce Garcia, Orange County, interpreter at UNC Hospitals

Adelfo Ruiz Calvo, Chatham County, worked at Pilgrims Pride

Jim Kearnan, Wake County, Korean War veteran, retired to the Triangle to be near son

Barbara Gaines, Lee County, raised 6 kids, married 53 years

Sypraseuth “Bud” Phouangphrachanh, Montgomery County, 14-year veteran of Montgomery Sheriffs Office

Max "Andy" Jones, Johnston County, husband, father, Star Wars lover

Max "Andy" Andrew Jones Jr., 71, Johnston County

Cleora Mann, Franklin County, mother of 16

Rose Liberto, Mecklenburg County, Atrium Health nurse

Daniel S. Pincu, Buncombe County, Army veteran, retired to NC

Arthur Rogers, Iredell County, WWII veteran, worked on Manhattan Project

Landon Spradlin, Virginia resident who died in Cabarrus County, pastor, evangelical musician

Frank Wyatt, Cherokee County, Air Force veteran, hospital administrator, married 66 years

Elizabeth Edwards, Craven County, phlebotomist at hospital

Darrin Arriens, Mecklenburg County, radio operations manager

Darrin Arriens, 52, Mecklenburg County

George Lloyd Lamb, Buncombe County, Army veteran

Bob Estep, Virigina resident died in Carteret County, Vietnam veteran, lawyer

Juliana Bonita Medina, Wilson County, worked in logistics/delivery

Toni Ann Holmes, Wilson County, worked in food service for NC school systems

Dewey Daniel Buckner, Buncombe County, truck driver, US Army veteran

Robert Edward Strickland, Burke County

Russell Everett Sanborn, Carteret County

Alan David Schmalz, Henderson County

Edgar Allan Read, Henderson County

Ronald Steve Ontko, Henderson County, Air Force veteran, worked with NSA

Cynthia Ann Greene, Henderson County

Joseph McClinton Whitley Sr., Johnston County

Curtis Elbert Jackson, Johnston County

Thelma Dawn Weaver, Wake County

Brenda Gail Kasprzak, Wake County

James Herbert Bracher, Wake County

Eli Seth Klausser, Wake County, survived 9/11 and cancer

John Leslie Marriner, Dare County

Steve Arthur Robinette, died at Federal Correctional Complex, Butner

Bernardo Luis Olarta-Loaiza, died at Federal Correctional Complex, Butner

Dongfan Greg Chung, died at Federal Correctional Complex, Butner

David Grant, died at Federal Correctional Complex, Butner

Juan Ledoux-Moreno, died at Federal Correctional Complex, Butner

Janet Hammack, Orange County, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother who worked at Rex Hospital in labor and delivery

Henry Mullen, Franklin County, loved NASCAR, dancing and fishing

Chris Willis, Chatham County, loving father, UPS driver who worked long, hard hours

Renda Lee McRae, Lee County, worked with children for 30 years, loved to cook and made the best candied yams.

Janice Fitzgerald, Johnston County, taught hundreds of elementary students and loved to make people laugh

Roland "Preacher" Speight, Wayne County, had 11 siblings, two daughters

Walter Fuller Jr, Vance County, first black lieutenant at the Henderson Fire Department and on the deacon board and in the choir of Welcome Chapel Baptist Church

Donald Kuster, Pitt/Chatham counties, huge Redskins fan who was great at music trivia

Ernest R Dawson, Wake County

Adolf Mwembya, Wake County, father, brother, uncle, grandfather

Adolf Mwembya, 81, Wake County

Virginia M Wilcox, Wake County

Doris P Beard, Wake County

Nancy P Simonsen, Wake County

Walter R Bridges, Wake County, known to family as "Pee Wee"

Violet M Salcedo, Wake County

Glenda L Lockley, Wake County

Arturo E Ponce, Wake County​​​​​​​

Mary E Williams, Wake County​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Essie R Williams, Wake County​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Milton C Jackson, Wake County​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Christine Worsham, Wake County​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Ruth J Bauer, Wake County​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Jeanne N Dawson, Durham County

Clyde Wesley Vowell, Jr., Durham County​​​​​​​

Emily J Clark, Durham County

Julius L Harrel, Durham County​​​​​​​

Roy E Moss, Durham County​​​​​​​

John E Sanders, Durham County​​​​​​​

Linda Shevlin, Durham County​​​​​​​

Charlene Holloway, Durham County

Carolyn L Vaughan, Durham County​​​​​​​

Nelvis D Allen, Durham County​​​​​​​

Shirley W Reams, Durham County​​​​​​​

Albert White, Durham County​​​​​​​

Loretta A Schulz, Orange County

Victor C Scott, Orange County​​​​​​​

Walter G Lane, Orange County​​​​​​​

Mary J Mcculloch, Orange County​​​​​​​

Johnny W Jackson, Orange County​​​​​​​

Joyce E Fowler, Orange County​​​​​​​

We remember. 1000 NC deaths to coronavirus

Cornelius Wooten, Cumberland County

Christine M Turner, Cumberland County​​​​​​​

Johnny D Davis, Cumberland County​​​​​​​

Jimmy L Love, Cumberland County​​​​​​​

Christa E Moore, Cumberland County​​​​​​​

Freddie Richardson, Johnston County

Doris M Foye, Johnston County​​​​​​​

Roland L Taylor, Johnston County​​​​​​​

Shirley I Bowman, Johnston County​​​​​​​

Vernie M Wood, Johnston County​​​​​​​

Vivian R Putt, Johnston County​​​​​​​

Jane Hobbs, Johnston County​​​​​​​

Carolyn Teasley, Johnston County​​​​​​​

Darrell L Sutton, Chatham County

John M Rustad, Chatham County​​​​​​​

Colleen Williams, Chatham County​​​​​​​

Jean P Adams, Chatham County​​​​​​​

Mary A Dieterich, Chatham County​​​​​​​

Allen R Manning, Chatham County​​​​​​​

Lora D Parker, Chatham County​​​​​​​

William “Bo” Thompson, Edgecombe County, Tarboro native married for 56 years, father of 3, grandfather of 3 and great-grandfather of 3

Taslim Parag Ahmed, Wake County, doctor and nursing home administrator at Barbour Court Nursing and Rehab Center

Donnie Hall Allen, Johnston County, day care owner

Doris Preddy Allen, Wake County

Jose Wilfredo Zambrano Bravo, Wake County​​​​​​​

Eddie Lee Dobson, Wake County

Jose Valdezcaldera

Norris West

Donald Williamson

Richard Stone

Tammy Alexander

Charles Belcher

Billy Parker

Pamela Davis

Joe Tipps

Wilma Ward

Jeremy Gunter

Willie Chesson

Peter Clough

Tony Adams

Richard Calkins

Judy Barr

Robert Spriegel

Elizabeth Messick

Milton Wilder

Maureen Eckl

Virgil Sutton

Fay Ray

Edna Headen

Aubrey Scott

Mikie Honeycutt

Carl Lucia

Clarence West

Rubin Ward

Kenneth Henderson

Lorraine Petersen

Kathleen Satterfield

James Britt

William Ellison

Michael Turgeon

Robert Dove

Eugene Canton

Lawrence Males

William Hughes

Lois Justice

Mattie Williams

Petronila Salinas

Odell Gunn

William Bauer

Elaine Pearce

George Mckoy

Christopher Calhoun

Ernest Weigle

James Krawczyk

Milton Johnson

Thomas Arney

William Hofeldt

Craig Moon

Victoria Bauer

Edward Stanton

James Moore

Hazel Estes

Evelyn Coggins

Van Kluttz

Loren Martinez

Rose Head

William Taylor

Roger Kimrey

Roy Staton

Elsie Harris

Wilbert Parks

Bobby Kelly

Carolyn Wiles

Roland Williams

Zelda Lambert

Bettijoe Harbison

Shirley Teague

Clara Parris

Allen Hall

Clyde Kinsey

James Brimmer

Carol Paterno

Aileen Pace

Jackqulyn Benfield

Johnnie Adams

Helen Waid

Dorothy Cleveland

Kenneth Cook

Carolyn Corl

Eddie Watkins

Richard Flowers

Ray Bost

Beryl Wilson

Mae Gunther

Douglas Sturdivant

Walter Daniels

Jerry Hill

Patricia Newton

David Young

Rose Rector

Pamela Mayhew

Alva Duke

Boyce Linker

Jacqueline Anderson

Christine Porter

Levy Hardy

Barbara Boone

Edwin Whitehead

Willie Loftin

Ruth Frederick

Harry Hueston

Charles Gill

Carl Anders

Hazel Haynes

Elias Williams

Jarvis Mcknight

Mack Joyner

James Amick

Patricia Matthews

Ruben Rush

John Newsome

James Cheek

Michael Jordan

Fred Gordon

Otis Moore

Carolyn Glenn

Ronald Blythe

James Elder

Benjamin Askew

Doris King

Janice Greene

George Mccollum

Kathleen Fry

Laila Fraser

Stanley Jeter

Cecilia Nastari

Barbara Houck

Mary Shaul

Jeanette Simmons

Delroy Williams

Edith Taylor

Pauline Demers

Edward Kent

Robert Harding

Leland Barnes

Freddie Spangler

Carole Rushforth

Rodlsfo Henriquezcaranza

Angel Castilloaviles

Stephen Hardy

Geraldine Ferrara

Edna Rojas

Helen Bailey

Dottie Brackens

William Patton

Billy Tharrington

William Gupton

Cindy Brock

Shirley Carroll

Irene Wright

William Williams

Lettie Millard

Carrie Peyton

Judy Gibble

Alex Standefer

Aileen Hudgens

Steve Roper

Lisa Camp

Patricia Reel

Eva Jones

Alpheus Nobles

Anthony Duncan

Mary Helms

Linda Woodshulse

Annie Speller

Isa Rodgers

Donald Williams

William Carter

Kenneth Moody

Carolyn Stiffel

Elizabeth Langston

Ula Garvin

Sheilamalisa Spencer

Elizabeth Smith

Judith Kirkman

Elbert Whitesides

Bill Barker

Patricia Harvey

Vernon Brown

Devoid Daniels

Curtis Williams

Qiao Chen

Brian Howard, Columbus County, nicknamed "Heavy"

Ruby Godfrey

Walter Archie

Elizabeth Harrelson

Linda Beck

Charles Rootes

Shirley Marrow

Jermaine Williams

Shirley Knight

Peggy Long

Henry Cockerham

Quinter Cook

Henry Korianski, Franklin County, born in Brazil, moved to North Carolina in the late '60s

Steven Hughes

Joy Helms

Frederick Starr

Thomas Dennis

Lanhuong Le

Cicero Crump

Ana Corromontiel

Herbert Johnson

Charles Evans

Earnestine Wesson

Lila Brewer

Winfred Elders

Spencer Springs

Booker Alexander

Jason Minor

Dorothy Boysworth

Thomas Eells

Carolyn Mccoy

Carolyn Fields

Virginia Forbes

James Heaney

Martha Ballard

Miles Joyner

Thomas Mccready

Melvin Moore

Verna Andrews

Joyce Hall

Richardson Monroe

Robert Edwards

Leo Scoggins

Charlie Trader

Phrosenia Andrews

Clarence Weathers

Richard Jones

Ray Page, inmate at Neuse Correctional Institution

Barbara Brogden

Vivian Pemberton

Willie Brown

Donald Morton

Charles Abernathy

Billy McLean, inmate at Pender Correctional Institution; first to die in DPS custody

James Miller, inmate at Neuse Correctional Institution

James Horner, inmate at Neuse Correctional Institution

Aurea Soto Morales, Durham County, first reported child fatality in NC​​​​​​​

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