North Carolina State Fair

Really Angry Birds: Now with Guns

Posted October 17, 2012 5:58 p.m. EDT

Last year, on the old midway, you could play a real-life version of Angry Birds, using a slingshot and a stuffed animal to try to knock down targets. Knock 'em down and win a prize.

That game is still on the old midway, but the new midway has an Angry Birds game as well. This one, however, involves guns.

And a kind of gun I've never seen before. It looks like a dart type gun, but instead of a dart the gun shoots a whiffle or other lightweight ball (I saw both kinds.) You get one shot for $2 or three shots for $5. You aim the gun at three cans that are made up to look like the pigs from the game. Knock over all three and win choice the booth.

I got my Fair buddy to try the game. The first time he knocked over the top can. The second time, the top can and the bottom right can. The third time, the same two cans. That was enough for him.

At first glance this game looks a lot easier than the slingshot Angry Birds game, but that last cup was stubborn. There was also something, with the old midway game, more kinesthetically pleasing about pulling the slingshot backwards as far as possible, and then letting it go to watch the Angry Bird slam into the back of the booth (After playing it a couple of times I realized that my actually knocking anything over would be a miracle.) I think I prefer that version.