Rapper Cardi B sued after sister's encounter at New York beach

Posted September 23, 2020 6:39 a.m. EDT
Updated September 23, 2020 6:41 a.m. EDT

— Three beach-goers are suing rapper Cardi B for millions of dollars after getting into a confrontation with her sister at a New York beach.

Cardi B posted a video of the confrontation on Twitter, which the group said was defamatory.

The viral video starts with colorful language focused on a man asking the woman recording it to move her car. It quickly escalates.

The confrontation was captured by Cardi B's sister, Hennessy Carolina, who was at Smith Point Beach with her girlfriend, Michelle Diaz, over Labor Day weekend.

Cardi B was not there but tweeted the video to her 14-million Twitter followers, saying Trump supporters harassed her sister.

The ordeal resulted in the three Long Island residents from the video filing a lawsuit.

Manuel Alarcon, who was at the beach with his wife, said there's more to the story.

"The video is chopped up to make me look bad, to make Pauline look bad, to make Pete look bad," said Alarcon. "It's ridiculous, I'm upset, I'm in fear."

The group claims the altercation started when they asked Diaz not to park where she was parking, because she was blocking Alarcon, who was ready to leave.

"From out of nowhere, we were barraged by Hennessy running up the beach screaming at us with her camera out," said Peter Caliendo, another member of the lawsuit.

John Ray, an attorney representing the three plaintiffs, said, "These folks are in real fear for themselves from what can be done to them by these people. And they are defamed and their reputation destroyed."

When reporters asked Caliendo if they were harassing the woman because of their race and sexual orientation, they said no.

"Oh my god no, no, we are not racist, we are not homophobes," Caliendo said.

Cardi B's sister claims the group told them to "go to their country" because they were speaking Spanish.

Hennessy is accused of assault, battery, threatening and defaming the beachgoers. Cardi B and Diaz are being sued for defamation and civil rights violations.

Ray said the group is collectively seeking at least $20 million in damages, also claiming the women put them at risk for coronavirus by yelling at them. The plaintiffs called police but the women were already gone when they got there.

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