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Rally at Cameron Village targets tolerance

Posted October 17, 2010 7:53 p.m. EDT

— At Cameron Village in Raleigh Sunday, about 100 people gathered to send a message of tolerance and togetherness. The demonstration was sparked when a security officer at the shopping center asked a lesbian couple to leave Wednesday for showing some affection.

George York, president of York Properties, Inc., which manages the center, met with the couple Saturday, issued a written apology and promised additional sensitivity training for all security personnel.

York Properties also issued a statement about the meeting.

We apologized that the women were offended, and we affirmed that Cameron Village and York Properties have no tolerance for discrimination of any kind and believe all people deserve the right to be treated fairly in their work, homes and daily lives.

Those who gathered at the shopping center said the incident is a reminder that prejudice still exists.

“It shouldn't be happening in 2010,” said Tracy Hollister. “This happens, not just here but all over the place.”

“These two women were doing nothing wrong,” she continued. “There should be a lot more kisses in this society than violence.”