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Raleigh woman feels impact of deadly Italy earthquake

Posted August 25, 2016 6:34 p.m. EDT

— A Raleigh woman who recently learned that her relatives in Italy are safe following a deadly earthquake that wiped out entire historic communities said she is now concentrating on helping the victims and survivors.

Mandi Carbon’s father is from a small town in central Italy. She hopes one day her three young daughters can meet her Italian family.

"He actually wrote an update (on Facebook) which got translated for everyone," she said.

After the earthquake hit, Carbon used Facebook to find out if her relatives were safe.

"It took a little while to hear from everyone, but we did," Carbon said. "They are fine, they felt the earthquake, they had minor damage."

Carbon first started visiting her relatives in Italy when she was 14.

"These towns have been there for hundreds of years, the gift to be able to see what it was then to imagine these entire towns are destroyed," she said.

Because her family's town fared well, they are now reaching out to their neighbors to the west.

"A lot of them are involved in not necessarily the rescue effort, but any kind of aid they can give to the families," Carbon said. "I just try to imagine what the impact of that is, it's heartbreaking."

Carbon said she and her dad would like to return to Italy next year to see their family, and hopefully to see an area that is in the process of rebuilding.

The death toll reached 250 in Wednesday's earthquake.